Abdukakhor Kosim (Tajikistan)

Abdukakhor Kosim (Tajikistan)
Poet, songwriter, journalist, publicist Abdukakhor Sattorovich Kosimov (Abdukakhor Kosim) was born on January 27, 1965 in the Kuibyshev state farm of the Vakhsh region of Tajikistan into the family of a blacksmith. Abdukahkhor Kosim was awarded the following titles:
“Excellence in Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan”, “Excellence in Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan”, “International Creative Personality” – Odisha Saving Foundation – India, Honorary Ambassador of Peace, International Declarator – Indonesia.
His works have been translated into English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Arabic, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, Pashto, Urdu, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Persian, Turkmen, Kyrgyz and other languages. …
Editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Khidoyat” of the People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan.
Participant of the 30th Medellin Literary Festival.
Co-chairman of the Literary Council of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, national coordinator of the World Poetic Movement Medellin, Colombia, Honorary International Advisor FOWCAAS “Federation of the World Society for Culture and Arts (Singapore), coordinator of the World Union of Poets for Peace and Freedom (UMPPL), Italy – “Uni ón Mundial de Poetas por la paz y la libertad (UMPL)”, international ambassador for Culture – International Chamber of Writers and Artists (CIESART), Barcelona, Spain, Advisor and Deputy Editor, Chinese Literary Magazines (in charge of the Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles of Hubei Province), Poetry Collection (guó jì shī yǔ), Member of the International Union of Confederation Journalists in Tajikistan, the Academy of Russian Literature, the Academy of Russian Literature, the International Union of Writers, the International Elite Union of People’s Diplomacy MESND-Kazakhstan, a full member of the Academy of Literature, Art, Communication (LIK).
Fatherland, You Are My Poetry!
Fatherland, you are my poetry, all the blessings, all the best.
You are all that was and that is, my sign of hopes that rest
In millennia of enemies, mute evil, subdue!
They are still glad to throw a stone upon you.
Stones of your mountains, your land are your reward:
You will build houses out of them do start!
I am thy shield, protector from troubles and tears
And you are the fate of my happy years.
And yet other stones leave their mark
Will sew these wounds with the threads those spark
Will put you on your feet and bless you in my turn,
Only for You in my soul I do burn.
Flowers of thy gardens, are happiness construe,
Oh all, as it’s true, it’s true, and it’s true!
So that you were – I am ready to dust turn
So that you live – I won’t to my life return
And, if need be, dead I will become
Rise from dust and defend our home
Your greatness, Fatherland. And, if need be,
I will raise the dead, and we will stand together in a row!
I won’t let the enemy on you overrun
How else, after all, this dead one is your son!
Romance “Waltz of Lovers”
We dance the waltz of lovers in the rain
We look at each other into fiery eyes right,
Embracing, spinning with you together,
Beneath the cover of the dark night
Eh, the night is dark, please don’t go
Give us time to enjoy love and shine
Eh, the night is dark, don’t let me down
For those in love, let drink love wine.
The fire of love is aflame in my soul.
Sweetness consoling in your lips does lie.
Would forget everything and everyone with you
Just feel the touch of love wont it defy!
The warm spring rain is such drizzling
With a wonderful breeze she caressing remain.
And the music of love sounds in the hearts:
Lovers are dancing in the rain!
Translation into English
Forget me, you can, yes!
Cannot order your heart, no!
When come back to you say yes!
I leave you when, say no!
And even in the heart that broke
Into thousands of pieces, because
You will collect the same, it’s true
And my image is always with you.
You can’t forget me, no!
You can but love me, yes!
Proud you looked no mind
But were you not unkind!
Yours is beauty mundane,
You lived by yourself again
Forget me, you can’t, no!
Love me, you can, yes!
Will come to you no more!
Live and my image adore!
he creator sent
A terrible disease
So that people would understand
That they are children of the same mother
Called – Earth
The devil possessed
Into people.
The earth trembles in pain
And cries.
Watch out for the tsunami!
The earth is pregnant
Love from the sun
The sky is angry
From jealousy
Thunder and lightning!
Like the seasons
our life
But what to say
And it happens in autumn
Translation from Russian into English by Santosh Kumar Pokharel

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