IN ME / Poem by Vanja Bašić

Vanja Bašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Born in Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 19, 1987.
I attended medical school, as a pharmaceutical technician.
After finishing school, I got a job at a pharmaceutical company where I still work today. As I matured, I devoted my free time to writing, and the inspiration came more and more. That flow of inspirational rush has become an unbreakable circle of my everyday life. I am the author of many poems that have found their way into poetry collections.
You are trapped in the fortress.
I won’t let you go.
I will lower you into the dungeon, into the tower of my heart.
I will keep you there forever. Impenetrable walls.
All the lead soldiers of this world cannot tear down
destroy the passway to find the fortress of my heart.
I don’t know where your appearance is present.
I often wonder
but don’t let you out.
I keep you captive
I hold you.
The dungeon is home to a fortress chained for all time.
I never worry.
I know who belongs to me.
Even though you are not near me, you are trapped in the fortress. You will stay in the dungeon forever.
When I’m gone,
You’ll disappear too.
Until then
sleep peacefully in my heart,
don’t be afraid of darkness.
ever since our ways crossed,
just you are in me.
Vanja Bašić
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Copyright ©️

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