RAJA happy birthday sweetheart / Poem by Hela Jenayah Tekali

Poem by Hela Jenayah Tekali
RAJA happy birthday sweetheart 
You are the Sun of my life
You are the one who makes me alive
You are that smile that brightens my day
I often stop to listen to what you say
You are the girl who makes my hope bloom.
In springtime you were born my soft perfume
I love you like I have never loved before.
You’re the energy that relivens me more and more.
You are the Rainbow that cleanses my cloud
You are the Charming Princess that makes me proud.
You are the dream that brightens my vision
You are the fairy tale that I always envision.
You are the Ocean of Love where I’d like to dive
You are the Ladder of hope where my feet often strive
You are the Lesson Of Life that taught me how to persevere
You are the Red Badge Of Courage that cleanses my fear.
Raja you are the first day of the Month of March
You are the birthday date that resuscitates me from a past bleak and harsh
You are the Moonlight with its glistening rays
You are the Whirlpool of Sky blue and grey.
You are the newly blossoming Flower
You are the Rose with its divine Shower
You are the Sunlight that warms my soul
You are the Divine Messenger that turns me whole.
Copyright 27/02/21

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