A LADY POET / Poem by Dr. Jahangir Alam Rustom

Poem by Dr. Jahangir Alam Rustom
A lady poet is an exclusive feeling
———–A natural boon!
By uttering murmuring speeches
Sometimes, she will croon.
In my passionate heart
If she lived forever;
Chanting a sweet song
She makes me a charming lover.
Every time she dreams a dream
———-She falls in love.
She knows a lot, she writes
Which she must deserve.
A lady poet writes poetry
She is known as a poetess;
After writing the special features
She is wise and sage.
A lady poet belongs to a jolly mind
She recites what she writes;
Sometimes she lives in amazing worlds
When she drinks liquids, she bites.
To do the right thing
She doesn’t care;
Eating huge food and drinks
She is not in bother.
Her charming face is an address
Of passionate love;
Her bust often invites a poet
To write something which he can deserve.
She is a mistress of a romantic poet
When she writes passionate poetry;
After depiction of erotica
She is often on a spree.
Her shining eyes sparkle often
When she writes poems on rain;
She feels cool and calm
After forgetting all of her sorrow and pain.
She blossoms and sparkles with a sweet scent
Often as a blooming flower,
With her charming behaviors
She is passionately minded in nature.
I often wish and dream of a poetess
As a life partner;
She has been living in my heart
Though she stays from afar.

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