Isaac Cohen (Isrel)


Isaac Cohen (Isrel)

Isaac Cohen was born in Beer- Sheva, Israel, in 1960.
Now he live in Tel-Aviv, Israel. His mother Mazal Cohen was a teller
folk stories.
He received B.A. with Distinction in History from “Ben Gurion Univercity, Beer-Sheva, Israel.
He published a book ” The moment of silence”, 1983.
He was a prose, poet ,translate, artist , painter. He published his work in
Hebrew, un anthologist and important newsletter : ” eiton 77″, ” apirion”
,” dimui”, “mabua”, ” maut” . He was studied with Amos Oz , Yehuda
Amichai, Dan Tzalka. He won a prize in important competition:
He won a prize in Connection competition, “Free Mason, Tel-Aviv,1986.
He won second prize in competition for Anniversary 50 to Israel land,
Voices group of TEL- Aviv poetry,1998.
He won an honorable certificate at “The Miriam Lindberg Competition for Peace.”,1998.
He won a price in “mifal hapise from poetry” in 2002.
He won an honor certifiate from: “International award of excellence “City Of GALATEO-Antonio De Ferrariis”, Roma,Italy,2021.
He was a manager of club logic puzzles in website “Motke .
He was author of a new hershlle jukes.
His poems translated to Spanish, Russian, Tamil, Philippine Italian Polish, Romanian, Indian, Hebrew.
He is a veteran member in “Voices” Israel group of poets in English.
He publish a lot of poems In “voices newsletter-Israel group of poets in Enflis
In anthologist : ATUNIS”, “Voices”, “Determination two”, Under the Azure Sky.
He participated in many international festival of poetry reading.
He participated in literature show in Radio internet “UMRO”,Umamus al mundo radio online in Mexico.
He was a member in the group “Poets Without Border ” in facebook.
He is active culture in Israel.

My yearn

Dear Mom,
I speak with you every day.
I know you are in another dimension, but life is real.
How are you? How is the culture in Paradise?
In this world there is epidemic.
Please , send me the tonic that you made from
Jasmine flowers to eliminate the epidemic.
Our daughter is growing up.
When do you returning to
my dimension?

Amazing Journey

The voice called me:
“Go visit your Mommy in another dimension.
I prepared my laser bicycle.
I came to Paradise.
I saw my Mommy caring for the jasmine bush.
I embraced her.
She gave me Nectar from Jasmine.
We spoke about the life and culture.
She took me to see my Grandmother Sylvia and my
Grandfather Machluf. We met my Uncle Avishai and his wife Terenza.
We played domino with happiness and joy.
In the evening we went to listen to the liturgical poet David Riachi .
He remembered me from Beer-Sheva when I was 5 years old, and shook his hand when he came to sing in the synagogue Rabbi Hai Tayeb( NOt Dead)*.
He devoted to me a song and invited me to read one of my poems.
He spoke with me and I told him about the cultural activity in Israel and in the world.
The angel appeared and told me:” The time of your visit is over.”
I kissed all my family and returned to our small world.

*The Rabbi performed major miracles, so people didn’t believe that he died.

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