Poems by Mónika Tóth


Poems by Mónika Tóth

you are my life

I woke up
Your face like the morning dew.
Your heart is gentle as the white dove.
you are meek and adorable man.
You are my life
You are my everything

you are the beauty
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile

My soul sings your name

I have to say
You are the beauty
I have to say
You are the joy of my heart

Poetry choose me..

There are different reasons why you write.
You write because…
you’re happy?
you’re sad?
keeping a secret?
But whichever reason you have,
you still write what’s inside.
What other people can’t see
I didn’t choose poetry,
poetry chose me..

How are you?

How are you today?
There’s a lot that I could say.
I’m excited.
I’m anxious.
I’m happy.
I have secrets.
I have worries.

I will dance

will dance with you.
And throughout this life,
I will always love you

No more struggle..

I love you
Darling, I love you so much.
My life is complete.
You are my beautiful angel.
No more struggle.
I love you with all my heart and soul

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