Ewith Bahar (Indonesia)


Ewith Bahar (Indonesia)

Ewith Bahar is a published author, poetess, novelist, essayist and translator from Indonesia. She had a long time career in a mass communication field. Besides was known as a TV host at TVRI (a government TV station), she also was the first Public Relations Manager of Gran Mélia Hotel Jakarta.
As a writer, Ewith has published eleven books, including novel, an anthology of short stories, biography-essay and poetry books. One of her books, Sonata Borobudur, got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library, as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019. In November 2021, her single poem, “Imigran Digital” won the third place in a poetry writing competition, related to outstanding yearly Indonesian Poetry Day celebration, organized by Yayasan Hari Puisi (Poetry Day Foundation). Her poems were published in many national and international newspapers, journals and online medias. And also can be found in approximately more than 70 poetry anthologies in Indonesia and international publication. Many of her poems have been translated into several foreign languages.
Besides writing, she’s also an editor and often invited as public speaker for communication matters, creative writing and bibliotherapy. Several years ago, she also run a Public Speaking Course for children and teens, and once was teacher for communications and Master of Ceremony at Interstudi and LEPPKINDO. Ewith now is active in Indonesian Book Channel.


I am thankful for being a woman
With emotional balance to face fire and ice
Sometimes I feel strong but sometimes feel like the weakest
But you always see me standing

I am thankful for being a woman
With fragile heart easily broken to pieces
God grants me unimaginable endurance
To bear the pains and torments.

I am thankful for being a woman
With ability to please and love
Wittily hide tears and show smile
Only to make people feel alright all the time

But never underestimate
Possibly we’re only creeping ivy to your eyes
It’s just a cover to conceal the real us:

(March 8, 2022)

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