Richard W. Spisak (USA)



Richard W. Spisak (USA)

Richard W. Spisak lives in Tennessee, in the Appalachian foothills.
Richard began his atistic career at a very young age. He began studying music at 8 years old. Introduced to a new world of Multimedia Light Art in his teens he studied with Mel Tanner of Lumonics and Kenvin Lyman of Dazzleland Studios, and has been designing media professionally ever since. He has performed as a Laser Light Artist in Art Museums, Planetariums and theatres across the globe.
Richard as been at turns an Award-Winning Poet, a Radio Writer-Producer, a Technical Producer of Jazz Festivals, a Studio Recording Engineer, a Computer System Modeler and Virtual Reality Animator. He has been a professional video editor/producer since the 1970s.
Richard has written and produced radio shows since the 1970s, and has just begun the fourth season of his International Poetry Webcast, “Poets of the East”. He has seen six of his plays staged. He has published two short story collections “Two Small Windows, in a Pair of Mirror Doors”, and “Between the Silences”. In 2022 Richard published his 300 plus page volume of collected poetry entitled “7370 Allen Drive”.

What did the old lady say to the SOLDIER?

WHY ARE YOU HERE?- the old lady asked?
my dear young SOLDIER, standing with your rifle so bold
here on my street, on your way to defeat.

will you be glad to kill their mothers?
and kill their babies too? d’you have rabies?

MUST WE DIE so you can save us
Or will you find your grave here with us?

WHY are you here
Dj’u come here to kill us?
You’ll die here, little man
go back while you can
don’t you understand little man
you mustn’t spill us, n’ kill us and shoot us
pollute us.

Grandmother – “You should go before it gets worse”
In all this killing, make it worse?
You came to save us by killing us.
Plant your bombs and spill us?

“Leave before it gets worse?”
I PLACE on you my most awful curse
you’ll die here
and lie here hated and worse.

PUT THESE SEEDS in your pockets
so flowers will bloom
where your body’ll fall after all.

“Please go, old mother, before it gets worse.”
Worse than you and your killing?
Will you kill us all, after all to save us?
in the GRAVE, your great victory awaits
get out my gate!

go home
before it gets worse

Cosa disse la vecchia al SOLDATO?

PERCHE’ SEI QUI? – chiese la vecchia
mio caro giovane soldato, che porti il tuo fucile con tanta audacia
qui sulla mia strada, qui sulla tua via verso la sconfitta.

Sarai felice di ucciderne le madri?
e i loro figli? Hai forse la rabbia?
È questo il motivo? SEI FOLLE?

DOBBIAMO MORIRE perché tu possa salvarci
O troverai la tua tomba qui insieme a noi?

PERCHÉ sei qui
Sei venuto per ucciderci?
Morirai qui, piccolo uomo
Torna indietro finché puoi.
Non capisci piccolo uomo
non devi rovesciarci, né ucciderci o spararci
né inquinarci.

Nonna – dovresti andare prima che le cose peggiorino
Con tutto questo uccidere, peggiorare le cose?
Sei venuto a salvarci uccidendoci.
Piazzate le vostre bombe per farci cadere?

Va’ via prima che sia peggio
SU DI TE la mia maledizione più tremenda
morirai qui
e giacerai qui, odiato e anche di più.

Metti questi semi nelle tue tasche
nasceranno fiori
dove il tuo corpo alla fine cadrà.

Ti prego, va via, vecchia madre, prima che sia peggio.
Peggio di te e del tuo sterminio?
Ci ucciderai tutti, dopo tutto per salvarci?
Nella tomba, la tua grande vittoria
esci dal mio cancello!

Torna a casa
prima che sia tardi



Traduzione italiana a cura di  Lucilla Trapazzo

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