Ujjal Mandal (India)



Ujjal Mandal (India)

Ujjal Mandal is an Indian poet who hails from Ganguria, Malda, West Bengal. He has three books of poetry: ‘Ambrosia in Budding Flowers’, ‘Shobder Phul’ & ‘Banchakalpataru’. His works are published in India and abroad. Besides a poet, he is a Research Scholar. He studied at the University of Gour Banga. He could be reached at: um199521@gmail.com


Dream is the only
Therapy of a lonely heart;
If you say it a sleeping patient,
I name it a lively ART.

An Ode to You

When I close my weary eyes,
you come putting an anklet on legs
before me like the tune of a cuckoo,
a strand of red roses tied to your lock
of hair behind swings around
as if the sailing clouds dancing
looking at me,
but when I keep my eyes open
you go beyond my vision.
Oh, I hardly can say whether
it is a dream
that tempts me to dive into
unheard melodies or today is my
wedding day you are standing
before me,
If it is just a dream
I must refuse to face the reality
but if I am dreaming
so why you come and go?

Dear Mom the Flower

Mom is a flower soft and sweet
That blooms in each seasons
Replete with honey and nectar
In autumn, winter even if summer.

The sun rises holding the fireball
But he never dares to kiss the mom
The petals remain fresh all day
Except love, mom! I’ve nothing to say.

The storm blows with sharp knives
Fierce, ferocious and wild
But still mom remains intact
Abates the war making herself unwrapped.

The rain falls and thunder roars
In the dark sky giant and demon,
Still mom glows in her form
Though the sun hides in the heavy storm.

Mom is like a sweet flower
Full of honey and nectar
Remains fresh and lively in the whole year,
She blooms in each hearts’ chamber.

My Splendid Frame

I never utter angry words against
a pain or regret,
but I accept
thinking them as the rays of smile
even when my mind is
agitated by emotions,
but still I hold the splendid frame
of my face.

The Real Definition of Life

Life is a little shining star
That you can’t define so far,
Life is a mirror lucid and clear
If broken, you can’t feel her!

Like a dream life is fairy
Seeing it, oh, so scary!
Life is an extreme pain unhurt
As if it looks like an invisible art.

Life is darkness of the night
And the burning light of the sight,
Oh, life is a little shining star
That you can’t define so far!

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