Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
It fairs on even in unfairness,
Blooms in dastardly yards,
Breezes in blizzards,
Glowing in darkness,
It’s its own test and reward,
Unfettered by threats and damnattion,
It carries on true to itself,
To inheritance and legacy through the seasons.
Life has more phases than faces known to mortal.
Arise and live this version with gratitude.
Children of variety and changing seasons,
Learning on social schools curriculum,
How to beat odds even when unnecessary,
Worshippers of accolades and disciples of obsequious mannerisms,
Uprooted from fair fields of the gentle cover of home forests,
Chasers of glory and Neon lights misdirection,
Ingratiate psychopathy camouflaged as tender concerns,
Tracks are lost in the temple steps of self worship,
No wonder the health of the forest commune wails,
Small tree’s falling victims to old tree’s,
Old tree’s felled by cruel steel hands,
FOREST descendants torn apart into cheerers and jeerers,
Each kowtowing to a specific agenda,
Upon the day the cover blows to allow the gusty wind home,
Prices and awards shall Each get,
Unfortunately, it shall be the same for each.
Disaster is a wholesaler, with no emotion like a wild fire,
It takes the innocent and the guilty on its path without mercy.
We already know this,but deafened by self righteousness,
We court the judgement of past histories in our present.
Energies and motes, stars and stares,
Simplicity rules while complexity misrule,
Convolution teeming with unpleasantries,
Straight up as a baby’s report,
Nudged caution via diplomacy,
Inspite of institutional cleverness, and,
Frictional justification in presentation of facts,
Discomfort bides its time like season changes,
To dust memories of truth,and raise a new song
From old lyrics of emotions speaking,
To attest and atone for weakened hope,
When, a handshake and a tipping of a hat,
Would have held deadly tidal waters in place,
But ego got it’s way and swung its button,
To render peace into pieces.
Lessons we don’t learn again and again,
That being a keeper is more noble than being a Lord.
Woe unto us who worship an elevated slave,
Our space becomes the dungeon as we get bludgeoned.
Arise with the voice of the sun O kindred spirits,
Let your voices speak out against the rulers of night blackening our sun.

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