Poems by Mónika Tóth



Poems by Mónika Tóth

I am

I am a dried out soil
I am a hopeless tomorrow
I am a big smile
I am a white blanket
I am a withering flower

my eyes

My eyes
as moonlight
In yours

I loose myself

I loose myself
in the arms of disappointment
I loose myself
in the arms of unhappiness
I loose myself
in the arms of sadness
I loose myself
in the arms of world

You inspire me
dedicated my best Romanian friend,Vasile

You inspire me
When I look at you
You inspire me
You are so amazing
Always adorable for me
You are my forever muse

You are..

You are beautiful in my eyes
You are my world
I adore you

I am alone

the trees swayed in the wind
the leaves danced
in the golden air
I am alone,
the world is dull
without you

I want peace

Where is the peace?
I have been seeking
Day by day
Where is the peace?
I want peace
I love you peace
Peace is rare bird


Symptoms of love
I see you
How beautiful you are
you stole my heart no surprise..
Symptoms of love

Your name

I carved
Your name is my heart
As well as in my mind
How I adore you

I can feel

You kiss me deeply and sweetly
I can feel the butterflies inside
my stomach begin to flutter

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