Unloved but (Dark-minded thinker) / Poem by  Maruf Sheikh 


Poem by  Maruf Sheikh 
 Unloved but
Dark-minded thinker
Unloved but
But he is the perfect lost lover.
‘ Like a thousand rats day and night”
I mourn him so much
I hit him.
Always violent and silent like that lover….
Is his exile amazing enough to impress me?
No, something else!
I don’t know! I don’t know!
I am the waves, the waves of the sea.
He is a rock of the sea.
Alas! ‘,
Waves bounce off the hard rock in the distance.
With their mind the waves of roar live in the storm.
However, the hardness of the stone does not decrease.
hard to wash
Waves are called rocks.
The source in the psyche finds something like mine.
That’s how I got over it.
O rock!
But I was so angry.
I gave an adorable example in the light of a smiling face.
I’ve never seen you laugh so much
And no, I can see your tears.
All this pain has taken off from your head.
Why isn’t it over yet?
Waves are called rocks.
“Is there a compromise or a give?”
Controlling the gods is what I understand.
I’m silent just because i love you
Will answer tomorrow or not!
I am dumb, my eyes are dumb.
Talk about rubbing salt on my wounds – d’oh!
Where does the mirror of luck reach in the evening?
Believe it
it hurt me.
it’s you
in your restless wanderings
Something is constantly going on in my mind….
I do not know what.
like i’m happy
Unfortunately, I’m really enjoying it.
Eat, you control my pain.
But pain is a thousand times better…”
Waves are called rocks.
I see a huge crowd in your silence.
I touch
Even after facing a sea of ​​great ghosts,
As soon as the waves hit me, I feel like coming back.
Stones! in the middle of his hard arm.
You are tough
But your addition and subtraction are like the nectar of my love.

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