Elena Ivanovna Ershova (Russia)

Elena Ivanovna Ershova (Russia)
Elena Ivanovna Ershova (born in 1963 year), city Nolinsk, Russia – novelist, poet, children writer and poet, aphorist, composer and author-performer.
Academic of International Academy for the Development of Literature and Art (IADLA – New York, USA).
Honorary member and head of Volga-Ural department of Writers Union of North America (WUNA – Monreal, Canada).
Member of International Union of Writers (IUW – Russia).
Member of International Union of Singer-Songwriters (IUSS – Russia).
Vice-chairman of the Public Relations Department and member of Russian Union of Singer-Songwriters (RUSS – Russia).
Head of the authors song club and president of the International Art Song Festival “New Name”, city Nolinsk, Russia.
Awarded medals: “Vladimir Mayakovsky 125”, “Sergei Yesenin 125” for the contribution to the development of Russian culture and art (RUR), “For the achievement in culture and art” (RUSS), “75-th anniversary of the Great Victory”, order “For achievement in culture and art” (WUNA), badge “Academic” International Academy for the Development of Literature and Art (IADLA), badge – “Honorary worker of World literature and arts” (WUNA).
Laurete of international and all-russian literary and international competitions. Prizes of Mark Twain, A. G Snitkina-Dostoyevskaya, Duke de Richelieu “Diamond Duke”, L. O. Utyosov, “Poet of the Year”, “Sergei Yesenin”, “My Russia”, “Georges Ribbon”, “Charles Aznavour”, “Bulat Okudzava”, “New Name”, “Greenland”, “Guitar Soul”, “Soul Notes” and other competitions.
Was published 7 authors collections of poems, stories and fairy tales.
Publication in more than 20 almanacs, collections and anthologies in Russia and abroad.
Worked as a journalist in newspapers “Selskaya nov” (city Nolinsk, Russia), “Kirov vecherniy” (city Kirov, Russia), “Novoye plemya” (city Kirov, Russia) – journalist and editor of newspaper “MK na Vyatke” (city Kirov, Russia).
Presently is engaged in creative activity.
I am happy …unscrupulously
Today, yesterday!..
Can’t be gloomy,
Shine as neon since morning everyday!
Someone will tell: “She’s lucky,
She lives without troubles!
I say “people, smile!”
Be happy, don’t worry…
The reason is simple to the offenses
Prefer i rest,laughter and fancies,
Each person has his whims,
So why I should cry wasting life-glimpse?
Tears – smile,
Mucks – joke.
And I left the boat of sorrow…
I’ll live as I want…doncha think about tomorrow!..
Глупые верят в надежду, а умные – в себя!
The foolish believe in hope, but the smart believe in themselves!
Пыль с бриллианта стряхнуть можно, но сделать бриллиант из пыли нельзя!
You can shake the dust right off a diamond but you can’t make a diamond of the dust!
В пустой раковине жемчуг никогда не появится!
Pearls will not appear in an empty shell!
Битый жизнью или падает на самое дно, или обретает себя!
Broken by life and fallen to the very bottom you can find yourself!
Никогда не взлетит тот, кто боится упасть!
A fear of falling will never allow to fly up!
Слабый в своих неудачах всегда винит кого-то, сильный – только себя.
The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others.
Не будьте чьей-то копией – будьте оригиналом!
Be yourself not the copy – of others!
Наличие мозга – не показатель присутствия ума!
The human brain – does not measure the human mind!
Не хлебом единым жив человек!.. А без него совсем не жив!
Man does not live by bread alone! And without it (bread) he does not live at all!
Важно не КТО ты, а КАКОЙ ты!
No matter who you are it is more important to realize how good you are to people!
Меняйтесь, не изменяя себе!
Change without changing yourself!
© Translation Liudmils Kulikova
One day, in one forest, in a small, small hut which was skillfully disguised between branches of an oak tree little spiders were born. They looked exactly like their mother and father: greyish, with eight pads which were still very tiny.
They slept in their small beds which were weaved by father long before their birth . Beds were very comfortable: they were hung to the ceiling with spider line and reminded cradles. In such beds little spiders fell asleep very well.
Of course, the birth of kids – spiders was happy event for their mother and father. Mother spider couldn’t stop looking at hers little spiders . She continually came to beds of kids and looked at them: little spiders seemed to be so cute.
– Ah, what they are pretty! – Mother spider exclaimed.
– Kids as kids! – Father spider spoke, without approving enthusiastic emotions of Mother spider. Though in soul he thought of kids in the same way : he was very proud of them.
The born kids, six little spiders, gave the parents a lot of trouble. It was necessary to feed, change clothes of everyone. And also it was necessary to sew new clothes as they grew very quickly – one click they will get out of their beds.
Mother spider having put rugrats down, sat down near a fire to knit hats and jackets, socks and mittens which were made of a spider line too. She was fond of this occupation, sometimes fell asleep, sitting directly in a chair.
It is necessary to tell that in this small hut, except a table and chairs everything was made of a spider line: curtains, covers, tableclothes, napkins and even carpet and paths on a floor. And all this was made by skillful hands of Mother spider.
And spiders grew up every day and gave more and more trouble parents: also it was necessary to teach kids doing everything.
Father taught sons to spin hunting nets with which it was possible to catch prey – various midges. And Mother spider showed to girls how to spin beautiful lace which they gave to the acquaintances and neighbours then.
After classes parents spiders took the kids out for a walk. Little spiders went one after another and held on a small thread – a spider line. This is Mother spider was afraid that kids can be lost in the big forest therefore she thought up such interesting way.
But little spider, Timka, didn’t like such walks . He always wanted to glance there where he hadn’t been yet. Near the house he already had studied everything and could go for a walk with closed eyes. But it wasn’t allowed to do it to none of spiders therefore Timka had to follow together little brothers and sisters again and again.
Timka was very curious from the birth and always bothered mother and father with the «what for?» and «why?».
Some stories constantly happened to him, one of such stories I want to tell you.
One day mom and dad – spiders took their kids for a walk. The little spiders were walking, obediently lining up in a row, holding the spider line.
Mom – spider, as always, walked in front, and dad – behind, so that one of the spiders would not accidentally get lost. They were walking among the blades of grass and flowers, which were so high that it seemed to Timka that they reached the very sky. Timka, as always, was turning his head left and right out of curiosity. It was so interesting all around that every now and then he wanted to free himself from his mother’s rope and travel alone.
He did it once. When his Spider- Dad turned away, Timka slipped away. He decided to take a little walk, just to see what was moving under that leaf and who was living by that tree. And then he will come back quickly. No one will even notice his disappearance.
And Timka went to a distance unknown to him. So he kept his walking. Suddenly Timka has heard someone crying. He listened and realized that the crying was coming from under a birch leaf, which was very close to him.
The spider approached the leaf, looked carefully under it and saw a stranger who did not look like he at all. He had an elongated body, pulled together by something in the middle, large eyes and short whiskers …
– Hi! Who are you? – Timka asked frightened.
– Who are you? Who are you? Can’t you see I’m a little ant! – And my name is Travka!
– Why are you crying?
– I’m lost! – Travka answered and began crying more.
“Mother told me not to go far from her, but I disobeyed,” the ant said weeping.
– And where do you live? Timka asked.
– In a big, big anthill. But I can’t find it.
– What is an anthill? Timka wondered.
– This is my home! It looks like a big mountain!
The little ant continued crying.
– I am hungry. I want to see my mom! – he sobbed.
– Stop crying! Now let’s think of something. We must find a way home, but not to cry. Do you remember how you got here?
“I was just walking and got lost,” Travka has whimpered again.
Well, you are a crybaby! No use to cry over spilled milk! Well, let’s think together how we can find your home…
They sat down next to each other and started thinking about solving the problem. Suddenly Timka has jumped up.
– Listen to me. I came up with an idea! I’ll climb the flower now and look if I can see your house from there.
The ant calmed down a bit. Timka climbed the highest flower, but did not see any house.
And the ant was too small to climb high plants and trees as deftly as Timka did.
– We had strawberries growing at the very entrance to the house there, – the ant added, hoping that this would help in some way.
– I’ll climb the tree now, as it’s much higher. Maybe I can see your house from here.
Timka was climbing the tree, higher and higher. He felt dizzy from the height, and it was very scary, because he had never climbed so high before. Spider-Dad strictly forbade spiderlings to climb trees. But Timka has just thought how to help the ant return home: otherwise he would disappear in the forest.
Timka climbed the very top of the tree and again began to peer into the distance.
– Oh, what a height! – he thought. – The view is great! Everything is so far away and beautiful. Then Timka saw in the distance something that looked like a hill, although from a height it seemed quite small.
– Little ant! I think, I see your house! – he shouted him down.
He decided to check if it was really the house of the ant. Timka approached the hill. He crawled between the branches of the trees, stretching a cobweb behind him, as his father taught him – from the branch to the branch. He was very scared!.. But he moved on and on. Sometimes the little spider broke loose and hung upside down on its cobweb, swaying in the wind. But he was climbing
up the cobweb again and continued his way to the hill he saw ahead.
Finally, he was on target. Indeed, it was the house of the ant. The wild strawberry Travka spoke about, was growing at the entrance. Timka rushed back to the ant.
– How is he? He must be completely cold, because the evening had already come.
Having reached the ant, Timka joyfully told him:
– Travka, don’t cry! I have found your home! Let’s run faster!
– I can’t. I’m afraid. I’m tired, – whined Travka.
Indeed, he could hardly stand on his feet.
– How can I help you? – the little spider was upset.
© Translation Anastasiya Andreeva

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