Memories / Poem by Subhankar Das

Subhankar Das (India)
Writer, Producer, Publisher of Bangla experimental stuff. Produced 6 short films with more than 16 international film festival fame and appreciation.Has 16 published books of Bangla poetry.Translator Of Allen Ginsberg’s poems in Bangla.
Combed hair is very annoying
at least to me,
even if it’s your hair.
Those who like the memory of those dead hairs
let them like it.
I can’t spend time
crawling on last night’s bed sheet
trying to find your lone hair
I’m sorry.
I like the smell of love,
the body odor which is lost
behind the scent of perfume
which reminds us that
we are still alive.
That cigarette, that half finished bottle of wine
knows that.
Your hanging mascara knows it too
and the tired walls around.
whose minds no one ever wanted to know.

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