TANOVOR / A short story by Shahodat Isakahnova

A short story by Shahodat Isakahnova
“Wow!” Oh God, let her gown fall off!
In the word of a Kurkam seamstress – in the closet, in the modern sense – in the office, but, in the words of garrulous Erka, the most talkative woman in the village, as per the “neatly angel touched” garrulous Erka, never be improved, in her messy sewing room teacher Zilol, who was trying on her gown and watching on her old marble framed mirror, recognized the familiar voice and turned around.
Zilol shrugged, feeling the face of garrulous Erka, who was leaning in through the low, narrow door of the sewing room because of her obesity, and realized that the dress is fitting her well, because of her wide-open mouth.
“How is it, my friend?” she asked while waving the wide skirts of her striped fabric dress which clinging to her thin and slender body, as if she were a demonstrative, turning around and pointing her back.
“It is more than perfect?” garrulous Erka’s voice flickered in a thousand kinds, and her mouth did not close for a long time as she opened it. She grabbed a striped fabric dress, touched and, and crumpled it, which had been worn by her friend Zilol.
“Where did you find it?”
“I found it!” a smile appeared on the teacher Zilol’s swarthy, elongated face. Her eyes similar to sheep’s gleamed with delight as they sank into their eyelids for their emaciation.
The Kurkam seamstress smiled and her glum eyelids became delighted, who was watching in suspense as “Did she like it or not?”, and sometimes gazing at the dress of a body of teacher Zilol, sometimes the first sign of dislike: the thick twisted lip. She has been satisfied and, stabbed the needle in her collar. To don’t open the mouth of garrulous Erka, who was on fire when she saw the disorder in her closet, hurriedly picked up the rags around her and put them in the box under the old, old-fashioned foot-operated sewing machine. The dust on the mirrors’ testa, which had been cracked like a spider’s web, had been wiped away.
“If you Remember, wearing this copy of the striped fabric was a tradition when we were brides!” said Ziol to garrulous Erka, who was counting the colors of the patterns on the teacher’s gown.
“I remember very well! Erka nodded. Yellow, pink, blue, green… seven! Famous Mukarrama Turgunbaeva appeared on TV in the same dress. Then we all sewed dresses in that style. You wore it yourself. But I don’t remember what our friend Kurkam wore, or did you wear one, my dear?”
“They say, ‘A weaver doesn’t have a belt.’ As Kurkam seamstress, who was furious that her friend Zilol didn’t say the truth, melted away in praise and revealed the secret herself. “I didn’t have time to sew for myself, but I prepared for everyone. Here it is and it has been kept for a friend Zilol!”
“Wow, wow, was that striped fabric of that period? I told you, the gloss was different! Garrulous Erka’s squinting eyes on her stout, red face, opened wide in astonishment, and she rubbed the fabric again and again. I emphasized that you didn’t sew and wear something great like that! When I had your craft, I would sew and wear it that day!”
“No one can take someone’s nourishment, no one can wear someone’s thing, friends!” teacher Zilol hit the in the mouth of Erka. This fabric was destined for me actually. That’s why our friend Kurkam didn’t sew and wear it, did she, my friend!?”
“That’s right, completely right! – admitted Kurkam seamstress, while picking up the threads attached to the dress. I tried to alter this two or three times then. Each time there was a reason and left.”
“Did you hear that?” teacher Zilol proudly rubbed her dress.
“It really dedicated you to. Well, wear it for a long, make it old!” – said the seamstress while praying, becoming more proud of her friends’ words.
“She’s one of our best friends!” Erka continued Kurkam seamstress’s prayer and looked for a place to sit.
“Let what you say come true!” teacher Zilol applauded her friends.
Kurkam seamstress immediately noticed from Erka’s eyebrows that her friend did not want to sit on the scrap small quilt. She grabbed a work chair with a scrap pillow on top. The wooden chair, which had not been able to support the weight of the Erka’s fat fanny, squeaked and crisped.
“Damn your chair! said garrulous Erka, who was anxious to fall, as soon as she got up. Your room is always messy, my friend. Neither you can enter at the door, nor you can sit on your chair! How does a fatty customer like me sit on a small quilt when comes? Would you please bring me a chair?”
“I don’t have a fat client other than you, and all are graceful like our friend Zilol!” Kurkam seamstress replied directly.
“Oh-oh, God damn, is Zilol thin, am I fat then? It will be right to say our friend Robiya is fat! If she sits, she can’t stand, if she stands, she can’t sit! Erka frowned and deprecated.
“My son promised me to buy two chairs.” Using the word “fat”, Kurkam seamstress realized that she had offended her friend Erka, and immediately changed the subject so as not to let garrulous talk more about it.
“I’ve been hearing an anecdote of two chairs since last year!” said garrulous Erka, shaking her hand while showing that she is not as fat as Kurkam mentioned, sitting on the small quilt barely, even if her shins have pain.
“I’m not impressed with your son, my friend! He knows how to count and get all the money you earn, but he doesn’t think about improving your working condition. Did you see Nortoj bride’s sewing room? It shines like a clean dish. There are chairs in a row. People don’t want to enter your workplace. Sooner or later, your business will collapse!”
“Our friend Kurkam is skilled! Ten Nortoj brides can’t even break her business!” teacher Zilol has taken the side of Kurkam seamstress.
“As people say, “The old woman’s pain is in the cotton”, now my son’s thoughts are in the car. He even asked for money from cow’s milk saying, “All my friends are driving, do I have any defect?”
“Wow, you naughty boy, don’t your grandchildren request to drink milk?”
“By the power of God, they are all on the father’s side!”
“What about your daughter-in-law, did she agree?”
“Oh, this idea was herself, of course, agreed.”
“Then your daughter-in-law is cleverer than you, my friend!”
“She’s more than matured! Kurkam seamstress smiled, looked anxiously out the window, and lowered her voice. “Say her stingy! But in a sense, the stingy one is good, my friend. They will get a car soon. Even if I’m so mature that I couldn’t buy anything in my life!”
“Is it what you did not earn? – garrulous Erka squinted and ignored her. Is it easy to arrange weddings for three girls and get one bride? You could buy four not four but eight cars for the money you spent on weddings!”
“Add what brother-in-law found, isn’t he working for the sake of God?” said teacher Zilol jokingly.
“He is not able to find more money while driving !” Erka shakes her hand.
“Why, my friend, there’s a lot about the tractor,” protested Kurkam seamstress, stretching out her hands to put a table cloth on the table.
“Really? Our friend Robiya always complains! She says, sometimes it is working, and sometimes broken, it’s not repaired, the money they earn is going to fix it.”
“If the money they are earning is going to repair that, why didn’t he give it to Qasim’s son last year? – loured Kurkam seamstress. When the chairman said, ‘Qasim’s son knows how to work with it, give it to him” he fought hard to save it.”
“You’re right, I didn’t realize that.”
“You were smart!”
“I must be getting old!”
“You’re not old yet! Kurkam seamstress smiled meaningfully as splashed water on her friend’s armpits and pointed out her daughter-in-law through the window;
“Hey, daughter-in-law, have a cup of tea, right away!”
“I’m not going to drink tea, my friend. I’m in a hurry. I just came to hear your voice,” said Erka, turning to her friend Zilol, who was changing her clothes behind the stone mirror.
“When is your niece’s wedding?”
“It is on the next Saturday! Come with me if you want!”
“Wow, how wonderful!” – garrulous Erka’s face brightened, her saddle eyebrows expatiated. Though she was pleased with her friend’s offer, she designedly tried to ignore her:
“Your brother works in a big company, my friend. Would he like me to go? After all, your bride has changed a lot. They said she adjusted the craftiness of the city. Hojar grandmother’s son in Tashkent was getting married and they met there. The old people stayed behind and they have given a respected place to your bride from their room.
“Hojar grandmother’s daughter-in-law is so flattering! Before, she did not call my daughter-in-law to her side, now they became so close. What do you have to do with my daughter-in-law, my friend? You just know me! You dreamed of seeing weddings in Tashkent.”
“Yeah, not only a wish, even I see it in my dreams, my friend! Last year I was hoping to go to the wedding of our friend Toji granddaughter’s grandson. She made an excuse while saying, “There’s no place left in the car.” She thought I didn’t know it, obviously, left because of my obesity. Well, she knows, but she hurt my soul. It hurt me when I requested her with boldface to take with them. I’m not fed up with being fat, my dear, you know, I do not eat much actually. Like a friend Dildor, I don’t eat whatever I have on the table. I can be satisfied with tea and bread.
“Who cares what you eat and drink? Thank God, my brother is good at earning. There is no shortage in eating and drinking in them! Let your heart be satisfied by this! I was hesitating when my daughters said, “We’re not going to the wedding.” It would be great if we both go, my friend!”
“Eh, eh, why don’t your daughters go to your brother’s wedding?”
“There’s a lot to talk about…”
Teacher Zilol was shy to express her feelings in front of tailor Kurkam and hesitated while looking at her friend Erka.
Kurkam seamstress is alert, sensing that her friends’ voices had lowered, and immediately she left the room under the pretext of making tea.
“I hear from the people that they’re making modern-style weddings!”
“Oh, are others having an old-style wedding? garrulous Erka grabbed her collar and smiled. Aren’t they got mad?”
“Well, listen, according to my son, who visited my brother’s advice party, no one will speak at the wedding, no one will try to dance. That’s what my daughter-in-law ordered.”
“I told you that your bride had changed. She went abroad to work and returned her views changing. Will it be a dancing party at the wedding, then?”
“Yes. But modern melodies are performed. Only dancers will take part in the party.”
“Your daughter-in-law is crazy, then! Erka frustrated, nodded sadly. At least Ozod and Zulayho will come?”
“I mean modern, I tell you, my friend!” Those kinds of modern singers and melodies… Most of the guests are foreigners!”
“What will I do there if Ozod and Zulayho will not come? Eh, stop, then, you can’t get to have a chance to dance for tanovor, poor friend! Didn’t you sew a dress for that in crucifixion?”
“Why will not I dance, I will do? bravely said Zilol, scratching her fingers. Many people are eager to see my dance in the village? How many years has Charos sister-in-law been telling me I haven’t played at her wedding?”
“You can say it again, did your daughter-in-law see your dance for tanovar before?”
“It doesn’t make much difference to her our dances. She only likes, modern songs! That’s why both my daughters and my daughter-in-law are getting ready. Sooner or later, my son and son-in-law will go to bless and give you presents. That’s why I’m telling you to go, my friend, you will sit next to me and take me to the party. Am I playing at everyone’s wedding and sitting quietly at my niece’s happy day!”
“Quite right! Come on, may your daughter-in-law speak that! Let me do other things by myself! What a pity, such a lubber woman destined to your strong, clever brother, huh?”
“Then let me go! – garrulous Erka decided and got up. We will show your daughter-in-law what a modern wedding will look like! Let those foreign guests open their mouths, God willing! Under the pretext, we will also enjoy dancing!”
“Wait a moment, then I’ll go too! – teacher Zilol followed her friend. We will discuss it on the way.”
“Hey, hey, where are you going? I’m bringing tea! – Kurkam seamstress, carrying a tray, came to meet her friends in the corridor. Drink at least one cup!”
“Didn’t your tea burn out?” – garrulous Erka gestured to her friend Korkam in a tone they understood. Didn’t you mean immediately?”
“Yes, you are tricky! said Kurkam with a laugh, but she did not capitulate. All the brides are not guileless that does what you want to do.”
“We should curb those stubborn! What do these obstinate women do if they can’t prepare bread and tea for us? Will they put up a statue after we die?” – Erka gave inspiration to Kurkam seamstress.
“I don’t know, maybe I run for every concern and accustomed my children so when their children were young?” said the Kurkam, embarrassed as she followed her friends.
“Mother, don’t you put down the tray and accompany them?” – The bride pointed to her mother-in-law from afar.
“What an upbringing! Erka turned her lip, looking at Kurkam seamstress and her daughter-in-law. If my daughter-in-law does this, she’ll directly get her punishment. Rather than talking to you, she had to come and took what you had in your hand. Won’t she say goodbye to your friends? She already realized that you’re not rigorous and acrimonious!”
“She’s still young…” Kurkam took the bride’s side in embarrassment as she placed the tray on the chump by the well.
People say:
“You’re my sister-in-law, sister-in-law,
You don’t know how to alter pants.
While breaking forty needles,
You wouldn’t be a wife yet!”
“So, how old is your daughter-in-law?”
“She’s almost thirty!”
“A woman in her thirties will be firewood!” Is she still young?”
“I’m still dynamic as you, who’s fifty!” Said Kurkam to don’t disappoint her friend Erka. “They’re younger than we are! After all, she has a lot of work to do, and if she says goodbye to everyone, who will do her housework?”
“Did you see then?” garrulous Erka turned her lips as she turned to the teacher Zilol. She’s a blunderhead actually! Otherwise, if she says, “At least bring us tea and bread when my friends come,” even any stubborn daughter-in-law will not ignore it! That’s it after I go to the wedding, I will work on it with the bride myself! I directed Zilol’s crazy daughter-in-law in the right way. Who is yours then?”
“Don’t be upset by our friend Erka!” Teacher Zilol slap on the shoulder of the Kurkam seamstress who was saddened. She is speaking for your benefit, my friend. My daughter-in-law was doing all sorts of bad things, too. After Erka’s educational hour she became so polite. So let’s correct each other’s shortcomings!”
“Why should I be upset, to be honest, our friend Erka is great?” Kurkam seamstress nodded and admitted. She’s good at talking and working say! If she would study with the same knowledge, with the same talkativeness, with the same eloquence, she would have sat in the place of chairman!”
“Leave the chairman, we would work in Tashkent, my friend, I would be a TV journalist, you would be the head of the dancer’s group “Spring”! – The praise of the Kurkam seamstress was so pleasing that Erka turned to Zilol teacher.”
“Look, we married at a young age as if we are remaining without a husband in life. Oh, God. Otherwise, we both would win the Grand Prix of Marhabo Talents!”
“Say that again! I still feel disappointed when I remember it!”
The two friend’s bags of word opened and they left the back door, forgetting a farewell to Kurkam seamstress.
The bus of the friends, who left in the morning, broke down when they reached the Syrdarya. The driver was also stubborn and did not want to return the fare he had collected. For two hours, he claimed and worked on the bus in vain. Passengers in a hurry got into the cars and went to their destination. Those who were not in a hurry went to the fish market on the other side of the road and had tea in a handmade teahouse. The friends, who were planning to arrive in Tashkent before the heat of the day, could not even drink tea. After a two-and-a-half-hour waiting, they cursed the driver, they gave up the fare, and as they hold their bags, they were truly disappointed and decided to leave in the passenger car.
“I wish a good driver will take us, said Erka, resuming her morning complaint. A bad man is bad anyway and it’s a shame if he takes us in the other direction while following the devil.”
“Who is willing to take you away? – Teacher Zilol got angry and hit her friend by the hand. After all, I have a soul like yours, too, and we will not let them to us away!”
“What if they are many?” Said garrulous Erka, who had never been out of the district center while not hiding her fear.
“That’s enough, let’s get in the empty car! – Teacher Zilol teased her friend. Every word you say is like a rolling pin, even if your tongue is brave, your heart shakes even the sparrow flies! Isn’t it?”
“It is good to be careful, my dear, Tashkent also seems so far, my heart suffocated. By this time we had visited our center ten times!”
On the contrary, the empty car did not come. Those who had one or two men saw Erka ‘s body and passed by in silence. It became almost midday, in the distance, the shape of a gray car, smaller than a bus and much larger than a taxi, appeared. Before Zilol could raise her hand, Erka shouted:
“Oh, no my friend, it’s a cumbersome car, don’t raise your hands to that kind of car, the price of them will be sky-high! My son gave me only a hundred thousand soums! She said while frowning as she hurriedly lowered her friend’s hand. I still have to give some wedding presents from this money!”
“I will pay your taxi fare also, my friend, stay calm, my brother has sent us all our expenses! Then you don’t have to give a wedding present. Because I’m taking you to the wedding!” – Zilol, who now understood the meaning of her friend’s words as “we will not get off the bus,” slapped her on the shoulder.
“But this car looks familiar!”
“Hey, can I be a freeloader for you…” garrulous Erka protested as if her friend’s words were pleasant. However, the trouble as a mountain fell from her shoulders and she immediately forgot the calculation that had been blowing in her head since morning and pulled herself back as she has seen the strange car, which was standing next to her while looking at the car in amazement.
“Oh, is it you teacher?” Said the young driver, looking out of the window, recognizing Zilol.
“Oh, oh, Botirjon!” Said Zilol, recognizing her student and whispering to her friend. “As I told you, this is Alisher Esonov’s car! We prayed to God!”
“Who is Alisher Esonov?” The face of Erka brightened, she was overjoyed to see her familiar person come out, even though she did not remember the identity of the man her friend had told her about.
“I’ll tell you later!” Said Zilol, gesturing “keep silence” to her friend, and handed the bag to the driver who had come running.
“Are you going to Tashkent, the teacher?”
“We are going to Tashkent for my brother’s wedding!” – Teacher Zilol answered as she sat down.
“Won’t you go one or two days before your brother’s wedding? Our sisters come a week ago and stays there?” Laughed the driver.
“My brother sent me a car a week ago, Zilol lied, winking at her friend. No permission from school!”
“Yes, it’s good then…”
Erka, who got tired on the bus, moreover, whose legs were tired while waiting for a passenger car, like the wide and soft seats of the strange car. The two friends sat in the back seat of the car.
“If my daughter-in-law sees us in this car, she will go crazy – Zilol whispered in her friend’s ear, covering her mouth with her palm. Have you heard about Alisher Esonov?”
“Perhaps, I’ve heard it, but I don’t remember. Is he Governor or?” Said Erka involuntarily, shrugging her shoulders.
“Hey, speak slowly! – Teacher Zilol pointed to the driver. Don’t let him hear! The biggest entrepreneur, a millionaire! The governors also negotiate with him. From the village of Bolgali!”
“My sister-in-law’s daughter married a man in Bolgali. Wait, isn’t he Tirkash grandpa’s grandson?”
“I don’t know who his grandfather is, that’s all, let’s talk later!” Said teacher Zilol shortly.
“That’s him, my friend,” Erka continued, staring at the driver of the car in amazement. If he’s from Bolgali, that’s him!” He is called not a millionaire, but a billionaire!”
When she saw the car parked under the door of the wedding hall, she thought that the bride was really a devil. When she couldn’t lift her long skirts, she would clearly fall.
“Do you know my daughter-in-law?” asked Zilol as she got out of the car.
“I may recognize her when I see them, but I haven’t seen her in over twenty years. I have not seen them once since they went to town. After that, they worked abroad for many years.”
“My daughter-in-law is in a blue dress. The sisters next to her! The tall one on the back is her sister-in-law!’
“Wow, did your daughter-in-law wear a long dress with an apron? Eh, eh, God damn her, look how short her hair is! Wow, oh God, her sisters are in long dresses too! Can’t someone step on their clothes on the floor?”
“Stop it, there’s a custom-like that in the city now. They wear on rent. My son also said to me, “Mom, you should also wear a long dress, your daughter-in-law requested it,” and I said, “I don’t wear what she wants. Did I say well?”
“You did great! Eh, eh, wait, do they allow us in the wedding with our dresses yet?”
“They will allow, and now they’ll take our feet off the ground, and hold us to the hall look! Do you see my daughter-in-law running? She thought Alisher Esonov has arrived!” Said Zilol, seeing the bride’s face brightened and walking towards the car and signaling to the driver to go.
“My dear, you didn’t even invite the driver to come in, said garrulous Erka, looking at the backside of the car in a reproachful tone. This is a wedding, he may eat something.”
“Leave him alone. He would not enter inside. After that, it’s better to leave without meeting my daughter-in-law. An idea came to my mind. You are Alisher Esonov’s sister, how is it?”
“Her sister?” garrulous Erka glanced at her friend in surprise. It was as if she saw the deception in her eyes and she read the thought that came to her mind. Delighted, she raised the sleeves of her chiffon dress and pointed to the bracelets on her wrists.
“Say cunning against craftiness. Really, am I worse than Alisher Esonov’s sister? Your friend will see the street if there is no wall! As far as I know, I wore my daughter-in-law’s bracelets! Then she put on her earrings herself! I remember her words, “Be careful, aunt, that no one at the wedding tears them up” I said that I would tear off the guts of anyone who could afford to tear my thing! How is it? Do I look like a millionaire’s sister?”
“Call the billionaire, you’re wrong! I didn’t think about it!” Praised teacher Zilol.
“Wow, you might come to the wedding!” – said her daughter-in-law who was beaming when Alisher Esonov’s car left, looked after the Jeep, turned to her mother-in-law with a grin, and felt disappointed because of the dress she was wearing.
“The girls have chosen the best dress. We dropped it off at home because you were late. Or should they still bring it? Because today’s wedding is different from other weddings. The procedure is also different, your son might inform you. Like in the village, not everyone comes out and comes into the stage to dance. Aunts and uncles will not be invited to speak. Half of our guests are foreigners. So the protocol of this wedding is different!”
“Can’t I play at my nephew’s wedding?” Said Zilol, trying to smile if her daughter-in-law’s disappointing advice hurt her soul.
“I expressly made a dress out of striped fabric!”
“You have a lot of nieces and nephews, and you perform a dance at their weddings, auntie!” The daughter-in-law frowned and did not like the answer. Then she turned to garrulous Erka while asking who she was.
“Is she one of our relatives too?”
“My friend… By the way, I didn’t introduce you!” – Teacher Zilol realized that Erka’s gazing at her she made a mistake and immediately corrected his words.
“She’s Alisher Esonov’s sister, and we became friends in a moment. As they were coming to their brother’s house, they invited me in their car. I didn’t let her go, saying, “You’re going to see my brother’s wedding!”
“You’re right, mother!” – The daughter-in-law’s voice suddenly became soft, she opened her arms wide to Erka, forgot that she had not her mother-in-law yet, and walked towards Erka:
“Alisher is better than my brother, now you are my dear sister! The honorable place of my house and my wedding is yours!”
The bride said that Erka and released her from her arms, then gestured to her sister standing behind her and whispered something in her ear. Her sister, who had taken a calm step with dignity, was also startled. As she explained everything to herself, she led the guests inside.
“You see, my friend, said Zilol while roaring with laughter, as they sat down at one of the best tables in the hall.”No one has come in yet, but we have been allowed to.”
“It’s like grasses have water because of rice, and for my honor, you’re also sitting at the best place, my friend! – Erka joined the teacher Zilal’s laughter and couldn’t control herself.
The wedding exactly started as Zilol teacher described. The wedding door slowly opened as the musicians, dressed in plain black suits and wearing a butterfly-shaped ribbon around their necks, stood up and began to sing on an instrument larger than themselves, and the guests walked in as they lined up. The bride and groom also sat quietly, without saying “happy wedding.”
After a young man and a young woman spoke four different languages and declared the wedding open, the guests were invited to have food. Then the same musicians began to play for a long time again.
“Hey, hey, is this a wedding?” Said Erka, impatiently, pushing her friend.
“That might be, the seats are full and the guests are eating and drinking!”
“Oh, oh, God damn! Where is the trumpet, where is the tuba? Does the man come to the wedding to eat and drink? A bowl of soup will satisfy your stomach, won’t it?” garrulous Erka disappointedly frowned.
“What I told you? Is it a modern wedding?”
“Oh God, I just came here to see a wedding, Erka nodded. I should have understood when you said that Ozod and Zulayho wouldn’t be, I’m stupid!”
“Wait, some artists may perform that we like…” Zilol tried to calm her friend down.
‘I don’t know, said the upset Erka, pushing away the bowl the service boy had placed in front of him. Well, those musicians seem to don’t play the music that we like. I agree if they sing Gangnam Style music.”
“Shall we dance for Gangnam Style also?” Zilol smiled and laughed at her friend’s words.
“Better than nothing! Shall we eat and drink, and go back while coming from a far distance then, as a beast?”
“Wow, my dear, we’re dead! Said teacher Zilol, feeling uncomfortable. Her eyes seemed to come out of their eyeball, and she pointed to the bride and the young man beside her, Look, your brother!”
“Which brother?” Erka, who was in a world of pain, sighed at the frightened voice of her friend, but suddenly she could not understand what she was saying.
“I don’t have a brother”
“Alisher… Esonov… Look, my daughter-in-law is bringing him here! Then we will be ashamed…”
Garrulous Erka’s face turned pale and red has understood now what is happening exactly but became so calm while seeing Alisher Esonov’s body, friendly face.
“My heart was pounding when you said, ‘We’re dead.’ Who was for me a man at the age of my son? He may tease a young woman like your daughter-in-law?”
“How do you do?!” – Alisher Esonov went to the table from the side, met with his teacher Zilol, and hugged Erka, who opened her arms.
“Let be a talisman to your body, and to your eyes! Let the pain will spread to the field, to the aunts, to the bear and voles, to the deer walking on the mountain! – Erka slapped Alisher Esonov’s shoulder and whispered in his ear: they thought I am your older sister and they have given me a seat from the best table, my brother! The ladder became short for my reputation! I have been shaded in your respect, how is it?”
Alisher Esonov, realizing the meaning of garrulous Erka’s words, laughed with delight and spoke again as the bride behind him could hear.
“I am happy to see you my dear sister, please hurry to visit my home, then!”
“I will visit you, brother, I’ll! – Erka didn’t stop talking, even though Alisher Esonov was far away. Tell my bride, to don’t expect me. Today I will stay with my friend and her brother!”
“Your brother is already gone, sit down now, my friend!” Zilol pulled at her friend’s skirt as she laughed.
“Stop, your daughter-in-law is listening! Look, she’s going to hear us! garrulous Erka joined Zilol teacher’s laughter. Your bride is so cunning. She couldn’t believe it and brought him! Do you know why she did it? As we approached, she looked at my shoes. Clearly, this is where my shoes failed our plan. I am stubborn, I did not use the new shoes of my daughter-in-law even if she begged me.”
“It worked for our profit anyway, let it go, my dear!”
“I’ve been tortured hard to solve everything, my friend! Erka wiped the sweat from her forehead. Now we’re breaking your bride’s protocol!”
Garrulous Erka gestured to one of the servants.
“My son, go and tell the musicians, to play the tanovar! Tell them Alisher Esonov’s sister said it, okay?”
Apparently, there was an argument between the musicians and the announcers, and the young man who had been sent by Erka, not knowing what to do, stood in front of them for a while. Then he went to the bride. The bride also whispered something in her husband’s ear as she turned to one of the musicians and to Erka.
“The bride doesn’t believe that you requested it!” laughed teacher Zilol.
“Let’s start it now!” Erka said and got up and waved her hand at the bride as if she were performing a dance.
The bride’s face suddenly brightened, after Erka’s sign, and put her hand on her chest and gestured to the musicians to start.
‘Thank God, said Zilal, taking a scarf from her bag and tying it to her forehead while sighing. Take me now to the dance! Let’s go together, don’t leave me! Shake your hand even if you don’t perform a dance!”
“Who do you think I am? I perform a dance better than you, but not less than you in the! I don’t want to destroy your bread in half, otherwise, I have a talent, my dear!” – Erka, who stood up with uncharacteristic agility, took Zilol from her hand, and led her to the circle.
After Erka went around the circle once with her friend, she felt tired and started just clapping.
The teacher’s shoulders trembled gracefully, and her waist, which clung to her gown made from striped fabric, twisted like a willow tree. Her fingers squeaked to the sound of the drums. Her long arms moved in the melody of tanovar. Swimming like swans in a circle, guests who were fascinated by the teacher Zilol’s dance looked at her in astonishment. Despite the bride’s bawl, the circle of dance began to fill with guests coming from all directions…

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