Poems by Mohd Shafi

Poems by Mohd Shafi
Let us walk together
Come, let us walk,
And climb the hill;
We’ll reach its top:
To view the world,
Let’s labour together,
It’s a dangerous way:
Solitude in its shade,
is in black words-
Come, live in glory:
Face the even & uneven
Ways . Obey the Nature.
And conquer the world,
Amidst the straight way:
The cowboy is climbing,
Upon the mountains of :
Himalayas, passing days
In his daily routine.
The world revive its spirit,
Some are rich in it –
Without hard work,
Some are working hard,
To earn the money.
It is not you & me:
It is a meditating game,
Where impossibilities are
Preserved into the possibilities.
The nature is in its form,
Its crows are adorning her
In their coarse voice.
And the people are making fun,
Of his black colour –
But he lives his life happily.
The world is so!
The spirit is strong.
To conquer Jerusalem,
Quarrel with you opposite wills,
Soothe your spirit with the notes of birds:
Refresh your mind, reboot your spirit;
Cross the fearful rock:
Exchange the opposite reality,
And find the sweetness of life:
Forget about the words containing swords,
Darkness is the part of this creation;
To find a light in darkness is a miraculous thing.
Surrender yourself to the reality
The heat of your thought,
And the sea in your heart-
Water-plants on the coast lie,
In love happiness die.
Surrender yourself to the reality,
Pilgrim in your pious city.
With you, the Summer is sweet,
It ruins its figure, when infections meet.
To be in Love in this world is a shame,
Which ruins the fragrance of your name.
If your eyes drop a dew in your mind,
You began to feel a love & become blind.

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