Richard Davies (Canada)

Richard Davies (Canada)
Winnipeg-born Richard Davies has been a long-time Edmonton, Alberta, Canada senior-highschool English teacher, a prolific textbook author, a performing singer-guitarist, and a performing poet.
MARCH, 2022
Leave something behind, he said.
Tracks, traces, or vapour trails,
better brief than not.
The idea of marking spring somehow.
Kilroy and all that.
The traffic hum and snow melting
in the yard. At long last
coming up for air.
Water running in the eaves,
the sun warm on his jacket
where he sat on the patio
trying to make sense of
what comes after pandemic.
Vivid, I said
More widescreen
and maybe more colour.
But then I remembered
being under her knife twice
and seeing the same blue sky
peeking thru the white clouds
above me.
It was a possibility, no less
I’d often dreamed
but never realized
till that surgery table
and the strong steady beam
of God’s light overhead.
No bot could ever
replace a sky.
No phone will ever
stop the tides.
Nor any screen nullify
our limitless love.
No avatar could
supplant you
in any case.
Nor any cloud
clone Monet
nor any bug
hack Beethoven.
The variables in the
Internet of Things
are this restricted.
Touch-screens shall never
supercede skin,
mind and soul.
All the brave new whims
are merely greyscale
and deletable.
And a user-world is just that.
Egoic diminishments
in virtual domains.
Nothing else of note.

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