Elham Hamedi (Iran)

Elham Hamedi (Iran)
Elham Hamedi was born in 1967 in Iran – Shiraz. She is an international multimedia artist, poet and curator, a permanent member of the Iranian Visual Arts Scientific Association, a master’s degree in artistic research from Yazd University and a bachelor’s degree in radiology from Shiraz University. Some of her paintings and installations were inspired by organ fragments and their interactions with inanimate objects. In her paintings of hers, she tries to establish a connection between painting and medical topics related to the body. This intertextual relationship is associated with psychoanalytic arguments and psychoanalysis is considered the link between the two areas of Hamedi’s education. You have held several solo and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad. His collection of paintings has been reviewed by four Iranian critics in “Sokhan”, Cultural and Artistic Magazine Issue 34, 2018. His works have also been reviewed by Rocco Zani, Italian critic in “WordNews” 2021. His pictorial work is was the subject of critical analysis and presented on YouTube by the National Association (ASSO) under the presidency of Prof. Maria Pia Cirolla and in the presence of the critic Dr. Adriana Battaglia.
Her poems were presented by Fernanda Ferraresso and Paolo Polvani and published in prestigious Italian magazines and websites. These include the international literary magazine FormaFluens, the literary magazine Frequenze Poetici, Rivista20 January-February 2022, Art Magazine, UNICUM 2021 – THE Christmas Special Of New BOHEMIEN EDITIONS, Dialogue Magazine, in Agenda Poetica 2022, By Bertoni Publications in Italy. The “no. 52 of the series “I Quaderni del Circolo Letterario Anastasiano” is entirely dedicated to Elham Hamedi. (ZAQBOOR Silloge di poemie, edited by Giuseppe Vetromile). at the “Green Image Joseph Beuys 100” exhibition at the Civic Art Gallery of Palazzo Moncada in Caltanissetta. You participated in the “Expired” Videoart directed by Maria Credido in the Maca Museum of Acri 2021 and in the “Universo donna” exhibition Cassano delle Murge (BA) 2022
She is also one of the poetesses selected for participation in First International Iside IX Edition-Literary Arts 2021.
Her works and poems have been published in prestigious Italian magazines and websites. Like the international literary magazine FormaFluens and the literary magazine Frequenze Poetici, Rivista20 January-February 2022, Art Magazine, UNICUM 2021
She is one of the winners of the Inrenational 2022 “Women For Culture and For Peace” award. This selection was made by Marina Pratici (candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize).
I am the countdown to the anxiety of a curtain /
The humiliating corners of the frame /
that sees his image Imprisoned/
even in the sky/
The humiliating corners that are following the footsteps/
footsteps that die in erotic quality/
and make the naked road pregnant
In your veins a nostalgia is constantly breathing/
Inside you is a curved story/
It has been thrown inside you from the end of a dream/
To the garden that blossoms in the wound of your walls/
This is a war/
With infinite hints of peace !!
Calm clothes can not justify human warfare/
The world has embraced the scissors more tightly/
The world cuts bodies like fabrics
In blood pin/
And our gaze is surrounded by colorful quadrilaterals/
Infinite blast radii on non-analytic geometry of the brain/
And how calm the world/
Gone under the wounded light
Like a tailor

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