Frans A. Brocatus (Belgium – Netherlands)

Frans A. Brocatus (Belgium – Netherlands)
Frans August Brocatus (Belgium, Gooreind Wunstwezel, 25 Septembre 1957), lives in The Netherlands since 1986 and settled in Chaam. He has published several poetry collections and novels. He is an awarded poet and received literary prizes in Belgium/Flanders and the Netherlands. From 2004 to 2012 he was attached to the Writers Academy in Antwerp as a poetry teacher. He also gave courses of poetry for the People’s University (Volksuniversiteit) in Breda (NL).
Since January 2018 Frans Brocatus is a member of the board of the Flemish Association of Poets and Writers located in Antwerp (B).
In the land of Lorca she counts in sand
the blood of the black dead young bulls,
she slides the white finely arched sheet
under the chin of her blonde youngest daughter.
She leaves the red switches off the lamps closes
the gate and chooses her skirts for the dance,
black and with blue borders as if she was sitting
on a bank of water the lake of her father.
He draws her with the breath of horses
in his neck he has hung his red scarf
over the handrail of a chair, it silences in
her light like she’s dancing nobody plays
the guitar he contours her hand how her wrist
is turning around no flower equal to her.
(visit to Vincent van Gogh)
The corn yellow of summer lies silently under
a steel-blue blade of a cloudless sky.
The land tolerates the mistral and stretches for a while
before bending and disappearing into itself.
Stables and barns, houses and shelters
are getting ready for the return, to preserve longer
animals and men: the straw is scattered,
pillows fluffed up, windows and doors closed.
Autumn has arrived in Saint Paul de Mausole.
Via a worn staircase I reach a room that resembles
what was once your home. Bed, table, chair,
lectern, suitcase, easel. They couldn’t express more
the absence of your presence.
In the bare room opposite: two baths, one of which,
the most lonely, covered with a wide wooden plank
and in it a recess for a head. Your head.
Translator Dutch into English: Hannie Rouweler


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