Your daughter / Poem by Dafna Feldman

Poem by Dafna Feldman
Your daughter
What’s with your daughter?
What’s wrong with her?
Is she autistic? retarded?
Simple minded? different?
Oh, she’s on the spectrum? is it easy or hard
Have you already issued her a disability card?
perhaps it is only an impediment of creation
Undoubtedly, this is a condition that requires adaptation
Maybe you think you did everything you could
But you should try dance therapy, I hear that it’s good
Join a support group, of mothers like you
You will share tips of things you can do
There are lots of treatments, I will send you some info
And I know a mother that has a child who’s also…
Enough !!!
Every place that does therapy, I’ve gone
So many treatments and tests I have done
pressure cell, swimming with a dolphin
I also held a ceremony for the expulsion of the Gin
There are lots of possibilities and there is no good way
I’m no longer naive that the autism will go away
I’ve learned to adjust myself to herself
Lower expectations, and care for her health
Stop listening to all the voices, especially the one
Who knows ‘exactly’ what needs to be done
I’ve Stopped hoping that she will be normal one day
And take care of her wellbeing and make sure she’s gay
So what is my daughter?
What’s wrong with her?
She’s my daughter
She’s autistic
That is all

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