Tie me to you / Jaime Gonzalez


Jaime Gonzalez


Tie me to you

Tie me to your life and your body without fear, take me as many times as you want, without restraint, turn yourself in, you’ll enjoy every moment, I promise, I won’t hurt your love, let’s cut to the temptation to offer our bodies, I’ll be Your eternal nymph, the muse of your laughter, your imagination and each of your verses.
Tie into my skin, you will feel safe and loved, fill your tongue of pleasure with the potion of ecstasy that offers my saliva, you drive drunk, and you must love your madness.
I dare you to steal my soul in every touch and every obscene word that comes out of your mouth, my body already wet asks you to come in and be a part of me, my mind flies and available.
Caress me, bite me, free your imagination now that dependent and blind is my soul, ineffable yearning to live a thousand fantasies, fear and joy from what I can wake up my body with your kisses and your touch, sweet and panting beast tamed by sex Is what I want to become for you.
Love me and tie me to you without fear, you won’t hurt me, I won’t hurt your love, I love you without fear, without excuses, and with the soul, the madness of love is the beginning of a libido calcinante and perpetual, is a Trip in which I want to commit more than my life, even though this life without you doesn’t exist.
Tie me down to your eyes, take my clothes off and everything that the way to have me with dementia, I feel the accuracy of your lips, your hands restless and your tongue of silk, tie me to the bed, the pillow of your fantasies and desires darker , I wanna get lost in your life, I give you my soul.
Tie me up now that my sex has no expiration date, I’m like the old red wine, with more years and be careful with the details, is perfect, and your bouquet is exquisite, a unique and indescribable delight the palate.
Embriágame with your mouth, blessed sortilege that rules me, while my rivers flow abundantly of an orgasm, the magical play restless and agile with your fingers.
Tie me to chant pervert your eyes on my body and bring to light the symphony of your tongue, that she is a poetry in my lower belly, I’ll make up for it I won’t feel pain, I’ll enjoy the delicacy of a deviant sex and discreet.
Pour out your sex on my skin, forever will love the taste of a perfect lover and virile that leaves me breathless.

All rights reserved
Cali, Colombia. South America

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