Pryde Foltz / W.U.P. VIRTUAL poetencomium GALLERIA


W.U.P. VIRTUAL poetencomium GALLERIA

Pryde Foltz

the international “la voce die poeti”
on her unique presentations of poetry

#23 PROLOGUE To Pryde Foltz

soft mellow sweet voice
pacing rhythm
like a tip-toeing fairy
i stopped… listened
born in Winnipeg
where she learned to walk
on hard packed snow
deal with the inevitable fall.

Don’t panic!
You aren’t going to die.
Take your foot out
of the boot…
then dig out the boot
and they won’t find
your melting corpse
in the spring.

attended high school
in Calgary, Alberta.
later moved to Vancouver
where she obtained
a B.A. in theatre
a B.Ed at the University of British Columbia.
She has taught both
in Vancouver and Japan
and traveled extensively.
Currently she is a mom
and a frequent
denizen of Vancouver coffee shops.

In addition to Strays,
Pryde has published the Wisp,
the first in the Dream Treaders series
Tattoo, Calling All Soldiers Home.
Soon to be released
another mixed works o
f short stories and poetry,
Monsters, the Tragic
Frightening, Funny
and Sometimes Brief.
Book two of Dream Treaders
is currently in the works.

All available on Amazon.
Many of Pryde’s poems can be found online at

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