Dr JERNAIL SINGH ANAND ….a philosopher of Language Life and Literature / Essay of Italian poetess Claudia Piccinno

Dr JERNAIL SINGH ANAND ….a philosopher of Language Life and Literature


3. Claudia Piccinno

Essay of Italian poetess Claudia Piccinno

The interpretation of the text is at the most a protean process in which there is nothing constant except change. In fact, the creation of text is the result of a creative moment, which, once passed, may not be replayed. In the same way, the interpretation of the text is also a by-product of a particular moment, in which, personal, political and social factors are at play, and this moment of interpretative creativity may never repeat itself, rendering the creative and interpretative

processes highly endemic to the author or reader’s biographical credentials, and cultural setting at the momentous moment of creativity or interpretation.

jernail S Anand

Dr Jernail S. Anand

I totally agree with this theory of Dr Anand, indeed I think every book is a meeting point between the writer and the reader in a specific time and  in a specific place, according to the emotions each of them is feeling in a specific moment.

So what can I say about this prolific writer and philosopher (he has written 40 books ) if not what his poems have waked up in my soul? His verses transmitted me self-esteem and a sense of freedom: “Out I am as free as winds/as wanton as waters

I admire him for his innovative thinking about reciprocity, he writes: “I believe that before his death, man must return to society what he has got from it. Sharing of knowledge, time, wealth, and light should be a matter of privilege.”

He is not an intellectual closed in an ivory tower, he worries about humanity and complaints about holocaust and tragedies of our century. “And , God, despaired, went back to his Holy mansions; finding the light of love / missing from human habitation..”

He  writes in Romantics  “I love the romantic brigade of society; which jumps out of the box and breaks the golden chains; all those who love and are turned proclaimed offenders and all those for whom rules are prisons”

And in Relating and Realizing  “ how can I seek a personal salvation when my compatriots are suffering humiliation and pain? In this very God’s demain?”

Yet it’s a constant of his poetry also the introspective research, his dialogue ever interrupted with his soul, for example in Unamused his soul says to the body: “I am uncontainable stuff/exist without you.. I am vastos like the cosmos/and come into you only when I breath in…” even if he writes  in an other lyric “ the whole life, I went on egged on by the wishes of the body; the soul which would often raise its head in revolt sometimes was interned in a safe place where it died of suffocation………”

He is compared to Gibran, I think he is more innovative in his thoughts, specifically concerning relationship among man and woman, in It’s no use , we can read: “I wonder at the cacophony of marriage which ends in divorces; society is too much with us now; forcing people to live together with partners alien to them…….” , furthermore:” man and woman are two opposites which cannot be separated; those who denigrate the one and elevate the other are the real incubators of imbalance and crime/ will sense return to us? I wonder; to bring back balance and going beyond gender thinking of the two as absolute indispensables.”

Here we can taste his pedagogical view of mankind and his desire for an equalitarian society, anyway he believes in the resources of man , in his libero arbitrio.. “ I am a system/an organized reality// which has mythical dimensions and faboulous potentialities.”

His spirituality and his inner force draw on art and poetry: I am only an artist/like a mason/ just putting brick upon brick/ what is to be made/what will it finally be,/not for me;/ that is a vision/ which transcends my understanding;/ I am only there/ to see and wonder…”

Strong is the dichotomy between man and God “My thoughts are my thoughts/although they are overflowing with you/ you are a magician/a wizard/a charmer/o my God” light and darkness, soul and body, flesh and spirit, joy and pain.. “ we are lamps and wish the darkness to multiply…”

At last, but not least he believes in  a third dimension , which according to me is the universal love among people.. “the point at which all the universes meet” , a great metaphor upon human relationship.

Thanks Dr J.S. Anand, it’s a great joy  and a learning adventure for me reading your works.

Claudia Piccinno

6 thoughts on “Dr JERNAIL SINGH ANAND ….a philosopher of Language Life and Literature / Essay of Italian poetess Claudia Piccinno

  1. De facto, Dr.Anand …A great humanitarian aid to ignite the universal bond of love and light ,a real persona grate of the contemporary contemplation of the world ,my reverential salutations to this great literary giant in the annals of literature.
    Dr.Neelam Malik

  2. Beautiful words are like a shower of red rose petals upon a blushing bride who is radiant with joy. Blessings upon you Dr Jernail. Can you feel the gentle kiss of soft rain on your face, honouring you with the tender touch of appreciation? Blessed are those who write, and write stupendously well too. Congratulations, Sir. I am very proud of you.

  3. Wow! A well-worded accolade for Dr. Jernail Singh who has worked hard through life for recognition as a poet, a critic and an apostle of peace and brotherhood. I am happy you chose to be his balladeer, he deserves much more.

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