SCREAM / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali



But you live not a life complete
you only live a morsel
a pinch of sun
and ceremonious are only the beats
your mother made you suckle from her heart
while a whole lifetime spilled through corners of your mouth

And you died not of a death
that would have you erased
written upon the nuggets of white sands
had you been not inked through
fingers of love

You only died of being untouched….

You are still there
in moments you thought you had
been already through

A butterfly collects heat of un-uttered lips
of broken kisses
they were not shaped to carry burden
of the most wanted wants
your legs are deep enough
to swim across the ocean in a drop
your expansive arms
reach out to a cosmos hidden in the sublimity of the broken wings of a bird….

Unsaturated aches
desires reduced to bone ash
unsought knots
unbidden vows
mouths of most erotic wounds now sunken deep inside you

A monster moth that screams
howls at the flame
upon which we cook our suns and moons
and sleep starved

Let me swallow the butterfly
parting your lips
let me search for those un-uttered words
let me lick the lights
once spilled through our mouths

So our beast is free to hunt its prey
between the depths
of our legs
to land us on waters of white sand pearls

All Rights Reserved 
© Santiago 2018


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