Poems by Dr.Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr.Subhendu Kar
Night is far ahead of time to sing song of moon embedded beneath mellow breath tranquil sky,
into light of eyes sparkle arrays to embrace shy of curl.
maze of joy flickers to fly into otherside of sea in adherence of magnet
dream loses to lapse into its owm image to see miracle.
beneath oak I stand and stare awaiting the postman all through hours to receive the mail from soul of ethereal empathy.
Yet into dappled wings of butterly curve of beauty coos to conquer hush of world.
truth is inevitable to happen today or tomorrow
nothing is certain even uncertain as fact is racked within undeciphered.
yet by own time earnest quest happens to happen.
by law of attraction.
like phases of fructification to unleash blue of creation. .
I do admire yet honor
vibes of beauty wrapped in today’s full moon to rapture into blue void of crowd.
a marvel of time to draw a portrait of obscurity lapsing to crisp of board.
flipping shadow laments to embrace lurid solitude
to defy me of dream into dreg of time
bell tolls in my class room adorned by full moon to beacon with whitest hue to entice.
into perky corridors of evening song of Autumn seems to susurrate
for ancient glory to tune into strings of whisper…
Let million stars brushes off your sorrow to brace you up into joy of heaven,
darkness may not lapses you to shine
like whitest lily of Elysian bay! to prologue awe of freedom
as every words of Bethoven’s song resonates to awaken you by spring of love as colored flow Autumn.
Soul bathed of purpled dream kisses humble quest hidden deep labyrinth of core within
like hued white silvery blossom of kasha tandi grown on sultry clime to unleash serene blue of love
Where is elation yet coalesces to form a colossal citadel of sweet home,
Where is the string of symphony yet never falters to tune!
night when balms your pain to slumber onto mellow breath of dawn
in midst of solitude joy of love seems to oscillates like falling dew over skin of green to adorn. .
time is a text of rambling survival to ramp over space of illusion
like a wave of ocean to embrace warmth wrapped on shore.
brevity of existence is simply a mortal frame ephemeral to thaw onto mirage of memoir like spake of snow.
Words of soliloquy stumbles upon musky brim of adoration attuned to shy of silence,
as evening slowly steps onto thresh hold of opacity of vision from time immemorial!
nuance of melody seems to hurtle home of own ancient land of untrodden journey by perfection.
sunset laments in core of cosmos to reminisce raves of yester years,
who am I to carve the art of paints of bygone history unflagging to utter silence of era?
as enigma in its wing of mystery hides tales of posterity to sign in.
clarity of eyes blinds to see portrait of distant horizon!
abacus reads from zero and nine Inbetween,
I am just Inbetween proximity of thin wall of light and darkness to stretch out beyond.
still I crave to coo on mellow soft of shadow of dream dipped in scarlet hue to redefine empathy of blue crooned to sky,
as I walk over cambrian rockd to feel tonight’s sweet dream guarded by knight of audacity ramping over assonance onshore.
@dr.subhendu kar.

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