Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



She said to me ,” Do you see my ailments in this selfish world with her tears eyes “.?
Perhaps ,She teaches us how to grow high
When sitting under a tree keeping quiet 
Listening her ,my soul begin to cry

Man gathering gold coins may be confused
What she said to me ,Never confused I
Life without her impossible !
Beauty and bounties will cry
My optimistic spirt never leave you for die

As an eminent how can I be far behind ?
Beauty is she ,she is truth how forget I
Endless fountain of divine !
Greatest gift of heaven , don’t tell lie
Without her how birds will fly ?

That moment will be exotic for all
To see clear rills , beautiful birds freely fly
O ! Man not be selfish ,be soft and shy
I see always life bright colours
Before my spirit fly into the sky.



No,men and women are strange
Inspite of different colours ,caste and trade
Language of love make us beautiful flowers of this Eden 
Bound us with real life situations

We brothers and sisters for humanity
Walk and walk with lovely visions
Don’t we beautiful God’s creations ?
Let’s speak languages of love

Why indulge in war of words and weapons ?
Do we not have great pleasure of passion ?
I’m passionate for love , Don’t you ?
We are all equal in the eyes of Lord.



Oh ! Suffering world ,
Oh! known and unknown friends
Surprised fear of death and zeal 
Mystic soul enjoying both
The differences of people on this Eden
Pomp and show becoming worst
Pleasure and pains
And relationships going far away
Men are captured by materials
Oh ! The light of mystic soul
Amazed double faces
For peace and love wandering
Everyone pure soul
Oh! How much pain everywhere
Tears make me blind
I’m in the middle of all men
O! God help all of us
How can we be saved ?
From these sufferings
It’s enough for my weared eyes
Unborn seeds waiting for heavenly rain
He , powerful judge in a fix
To make human for humanity
Number of dreams are scattered
In blinding eyes for bright rays
To whom I love caught in the web
Great lord ! Make them happy
Then all men will be happy
With light of mystic soul
O! Krishna ,O! Rama ,O! Lord
Listen my paryer
Lifted these men from sufferings
To whom you love most
My soul moans for pains
Help ,master ! Make me strong
To be their voices
The wind , blowing hard
And terror of pain Ah ! Their pain
Unbearable for o me.


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