Poems by Juan Antonio V. Delgadillo

Poems by Juan Antonio V. Delgadillo


Springs Of The Soul

I have bathed in springs of Life,
and I have wanted to stop in the waters,
but the inertia of this trip makes me keep on,
and enjoy the cast in this forge.

The torrents of happiness always soak.
My kerchiefs I pleasantly extend,
the road I walk offers basil,
but, in times of drought it is inclement.

If I see a thirsty walker in my path,
my soaked kerchiefs I offer to him,
because of the gift I see him go happy,
and in my joy my kerchiefs I rewet.

Springs of warm waters of the soul,
that, open gap between the rocks of ego,
are the threads of the verses that intertweave
the absorbing inspiration of my kerchiefs.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2018
Juan Antonio Vazquez Delgadillo. Texas USA


My Trip

From the calm waters in serene sea,
I reload the essence that forms my boat,
and, during the storms that the ocean brings,
this essence brings out my boat untouched.

I see diffuse islets on the horizon,
and, I do not hurry but rather look down.
Here, I focus on the current waters,
and, the now dial all of my clocks.

I see small boats, rafts and cruises,
some of them relaxed, some others competing,
I go at my own pace, neither fast nor slow,
but to as many knots as the wind blows.

Following my prow, I enjoy the landscapes,
sometimes giving up control to the sea.
I have learned a lot to trust in the waters,
so I dedicate myself to enjoy my trip.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2018
Juan Antonio Vazquez Delgadillo. Texas U.S.A.


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