Poems by Mónika Toth (Romania)

Poems by Mónika Toth (Romanian)
You are the beautiful flower in my palm
You are a precious gift
I am so glad to meet you
Everything is perfect
I still need a love
I am just a women
I am sad
I am unhappy
I cry
I need a hand I need a voice
I still need a love
You are my world
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
you are my world
you came into my life
no more guilt
no more shame
my heart is yours
I love you
i still i am yours
you are my world
in time
in time I will heal
from life’s bitter sweet moments
if I take the chance
Yesterday is gone
soon today will pass as well
I’ll travel with it
I lost my faith.
I lost.
Last night
Last night I had this dream
That you were here and
You were taking care of me.
I thinking of you
The sky is black
The sunrise is crying
the moon is pale
The world is feverish
My darling,
I’m tired,
I didn’t sleep
I thinking of you
no title
I want
I want to say “I Iove you”
I want to say “I need you”
I want to say “I love you”
I want to say “I adore you”
And, I want to say “You are my everything”
But, I can’t
It’s a secret

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