MY INCENSE BURNERS WERE BURNT OUT!! / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
When they met after a long absence he said to her:
I was living in the flame of suspicion and anxiety
Drunken wandering alone in void valleys
My incense burners were burnt and their scent was dried out
The distance between the incense burners and the communication went far away
My boats waddled through the futility of melancholy
Lazy and wretched, sailed homelessly in the fog
Playing the loyalty melody, I returned with trembling fingertips
The melody of remembrance passed through the night of my obsessions
And was awakened by the promised love and passion
Then he added:
O you fragrance of longing, have a nice morning and evening
O you honey and antidote of life, have a wonderful morning and evening
Morning and evening of different flowers and the soul with different feelings and sensations
Morning and evening of longing and thirst of love
With all that you show of calmness and madness
Morning and evening of love my sweetheart
She replied him saying:
Your morning and evening are as you are, pure, innocent and courteous
You make me live among your magic letters and words
You make me listen to them, breath them and melt in them
O you the limit of love
How wonderful your expressions are!!
How wonderful your feelings are!!
They dance on the walls of my heart and all others’ hearts
How wonderful you are when you write and become full of delicious flavor, as I imagine
O you creative, your mornings and evenings are charming
Your nights are warm, romantic, amusing and more and more
God bless you and many thanks to you
I greet you and I am grateful for your pure and white heart
I love you, how much do I love you!!
I miss you, how much do I miss you!!
O God, how beautiful you are and how torment is your soul
How sweet your mornings and evenings are
How sweet they are!!
How sweet!! How sweet!!

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