Wansoo Kim (South Korea)

Wansoo Kim (South Korea)
Wansoo Kim achieved Ph. D. in English Literature from the graduate school of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies. He was a lecturer at Hanguk University of Foreign Studies and an adjunct professor at Incheon Junior College for about 20 years. He has published 7 poetry books, one novel, and one book of essays. One poetry book, “Duel among a middle-aged fox, a wild dog and a deer” was a bestseller in 2012, one page from the book of Letters for Teenagers was put in textbooks of middle school (2011) and high school (2014) in South Korea, and four books (Easy-to-read English Bible stories, Old Testament(2017), New Testament(2018) and Teenagers, I Support your Dream”) were bestsellers. He was granted a Rookie award for poetry at the magazine of Monthly Literature Space in South Korea, and the World Peace Literature Prize for Poetry Research and Recitation, presented in New York City at the 5th World Congress of Poets(2004). He published poetry books, “Prescription of Civilization” and “Flowers of Thankfulness“ in America.(2019), received Geum-Chan Hwang Poetry Literature Prize in Korea(2019) and International Indian Award(literature) from WEWU (World English Writer’s Union)(2019). He published “Heart of God” in America.(2020)
Children of Talebans
That even the blood of all desires is dried
By a whip of scary hunger every day
Hang all the hope of their life in Talebans’ hands
Hung on the bait of free bread and free study.
Talebans light
A fire of hostility
In the heart of innocent children
With the brutal video
That Westerners killed Muslims.
They also light a fire of proud martyrdom in the children’s heart
That a suicide bombing to aim at Westerners
Is the glorious way
To receive the eternal Heaven as a gift.
The children
Load the technique to make a bomb jacket and to kill people
In their heart blazing with hostility and martyrdom
And hurl all their life.
Even this moment a lot of children
With bombs wrapped around all their body as a band of glory
At a single motion
Burn their bud bright with jewels of their dream
And fly away reduced to ashes.
Classroom of Elementary School in Iraq
Sparkling eyes,
Which sit gathering
In the classroom
That has few desks and chairs,
Plant seeds of hope
In their hearts.
They write the teacher’s words
In their hearts
Without the blackboard,
Books, and notebooks.
The booming of missiles
That often comes into hearing
Shakes the seeds of their dream to the roots
Tearing the childlike innocence of their heart.
During breaktime
Or when school is over,
Children, playing with the abandoned weapons like toys,
Are mortally wounded
In the sprout of their bright and untainted soul,
Or the whole blueprint of their life
Flies away in pieces.
Politics : I’ll kneel
From now on,
However hard and painful I am,
I won’t draw the rainbow about you
Nor will I raise the voice of complaint and resentment.
From now on,
I won’t turn my back nor will I avoid your eye
Like the couple in whom the dregs of disappointment and anger
Has been piled up for many years.
From now on,
Even though you do hateful or evil deeds,
I’ll become a mother with a sickly child,
Hug you shedding tears
Instead of a cane
And fold my hands falling to my knees
Worrying about your future.

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