Slow down – Poem by Taher Mechee / Translated into English by Imen Melliti

Poem by Taher Mechee
Slow down
Dawn will be born
the paths will be bright
Through the layers of my chest the newborn will grow up
Through the book of my life the poem will survive
Hold on, these mirrors
Loaded with wishes
In life learn to Be patient
Spring will come
And the fog will vanish
All The birds fly way the hills as well
slow down
Our great prophet taught us
The patient will be preached by an elegant fragrance
In life !Be pious
And let you cremate man!
Slow down
Paray !
And say:
oh my God !!you are the blessing !
let go of your arrogance
in adversity, be a strong eagle
Slow down as you walk on thorns
Stop being oppressor
Stop being arrogant
Your steps have been rushed
For the most beautiful

Translated into English by Imen Melliti

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