Zahir Khan (Bangladesh

Zahir Khan (Bangladesh
Date of birth – 1 January 1981
Profession – Television Drama and Film Production
Social service activities –
Members – Directors Guild, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Member – Mymensingh Sahitto Sangsad, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Member – Club 9898, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Co-president – Mymensingh Writers Forum, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Member – Friend’s Mymensingh
Managing Director – JZ Courier Service Ltd.
Editor – Rasta (Paper of art literature)
Received multiple awards and honors
Publication of poetry books –
01, Unauthorized poetry (Published in 2012)
02, Any speed of the rules is a lie (Published in 2014)
03, Internal poetry (Published in 2019)
Miss you
What is urgent now
Beloved at such a departure?
There could have been some time in the text
Today, what a pity
Some clouds on the left side of the chest
She is moaning a lot
Crying in this white empty night
The twins blew the sails of the current
This is not quite good
Now brown on the face and black spots under the eyes
Hand and toenails are not good with that
Not good
Don’t be upset
Not good
I have these conversations by my side
Not good, not good, not good
I remember the happiness of living
I am the only one in the dusty city
These are the clouds that are across the sky
Stay frozen with the speed of the wind
In the shade to feel a little better
I am the only one in the dusty city
After a while it will rain drizzle
Kids running field after field
Kanamachhi ran and screamed
This is me sitting as a groom
Asadha-Shravan rains across the yard
He went in search of the bride
One of my mustard hilsa youth
Now a little bit in the tiptip sound
When you wake up, you just hide, the walls
Yet after my love was killed
There will be bloodshed in this city
Then one day I left
One day he moved a lot
Green leaf hat
The drizpeoplemes
Across my city
One day it flew away
The blue kite
The sun comes down on the face
All over the sky
One day I prayed a lot
White silk Punjabi
Wrapped in perfume
Love in the neighborhood
Then one day I left quietly
In mosques, temples, churches ,,,,,,
I am always talking about something like that
Hug my friend
This will be my perfection worship friend ,,, prayer
Gratitude and love are endless to me
Let’s study, we are half life
Half-life picture painted in the slaughterhouse
I wait for the imaginary existence
There was talk one day ,,,,,,
I will steal the light of the full moon
I will steal the smell of grass flowers
Nothing happened
The light of the full moon went to the museum in a box
The smell of grass spread on some people
Translated by Alam Mahbub

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