Poems by Wendy Mary Lister

Poems by Wendy Mary Lister
Winter is going; Living Goes On—
Winter is ever present.
So far there’s no compromise,
spring is yet to come.
I’d like to freeze the early evening light,
cling to this moment,
before it disconnects my eyes
and falls apart.
This welcome light carries beyond.
And the temperature, again in the minus,
has settled in for the night:
Can I hibernate, before my bones
The world is waiting to draw breath,
after the reckless abandon to pause life.
There isn’t a perfect solution
or answer,
we’ve been patient,
but we can’t prolong it forever.
We just have to see the world with a new
pair of eyes
A winter nap
Imposingly lanky trees,
compliment the long sleep.
Stripped bare-midair.
Clear cut against blue
of yesteryears ancestors,
breathe against the glass,
unmoving, reveal no secrets.
One sound, one me,
and together a waking

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