Masqueraded Vapours of Love / Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska
Masqueraded Vapours of Love
Blue roses dancing
in the ballroom of your nest
wearing masquerade masks
It is a ballroom of emotions
spinning fast in your sacred heart
You hide all feelings for me
in your bruised heart,
pretending that you don’t care
about us, about love
Though this mask is distracting me
from your amethyst eyes,
I sense, they do not lie
but ooze love with golden honey drips
glazing your intense thrill
penetrating womb of my longing lips
rocking shivers of my grief
Metaphors moan in the cobalt skies
in the moments of sacredness,
taking you to the realm of paradise
unfolding our unrest, blessed
The fear of not loving and being unloved
is melting your mask with pearls in flood
The mask, falling upon sanctified ground
Your soul vulnerable, but daring to be loved
This love strong like steel bolt
and pure like lily’s white breasts
It cannot be deceived.
It will not be suppressed.
Margaret Kowalewska
© 10 February 2021

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