Poems by Marija Najthefer Popov

Poems by Marija Najthefer Popov
My Eyes
Don’t look in me!
A hidden cuckoo’s nest
Nor the rock under which
Poisonous snakes have curled up…
Spider webs in my soul,
I don’t weave my own thoughts.
There is none in me, weapons of the killer
No arrow dipped in poison,
So you are looking in vain!
All that I am, am in my clear.
You peep into my eyes with yours,
No hiding place there is,
They are transparent green,
Unfathomably deep,
Look into them with your eyes,
They are the bottom of my soul,
You can see everything there,
None else is there, but only you.
The Circle
I wonder sometimes where you are,
I wonder sometimes whether you wonder too,
I am because you know where I am,
I’m here where have you gone,
I am a buried treasure,
But you run away farther and farther,
From me, you have to come once again.
The planet circles around my heart
I have wrapped my eyes,
And listen to the healing song.
I want to write a song to you
With a balm of medicinal letters,
And words with the healing power,
I want write them on a piece of linen paper,
To make impressive ink-dew in the morning.
I intend to write on my mother-in-law,
I feel a confinement like in a cage,
I am not allowed to step out of this life,
I want to write with long stanzas,
As long as years and centuries are, so that
Your reading lasts on pillow of medicine,
The healing mat.
The song will be so beautiful,
It will cease her pain
And angels will carry her away to heaven,
While reading, she will forget all
And begin to rejoice,
I would like to write a song like that,
I wanted to write to you too,
Maybe I could, just let me work a last.

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