Rumba In Galaxy / Poem by Alan Liew


Poem by Alan Liew

Rumba In Galaxy
~ 14th Feb 2021 ~
With intimacy,
You and I
we rumba in the sky.
Way up in galazy
In reverie, we fancy,
In tranquility
We go ” Hand To Hand “
From alpha to omega
As de​vot​ed friends.
At the ” Natural Top “
We turn clockwise
With two bars of music
To brighten the
For we dance
Not just once
But by the millions.
In ” Sliding Door “
I os​cil​late behind you
From “Alemana “
To the ” Fan “
Our affection
Immortalize without the end.
Amongst the stars
We ramble
And spiral in manner
Bliss​ful​ly stable.
From Mercury to Venus
We desire to flit further
From Uranus back to Jupiter
Within happy space of galaxy
Love scin​til​lates in​ces​sant​ly
Only I and you, my lassie
My precious valentine
My sweet esteem.
Alan KKLiew ®
All Copyrights Reserved.
Note :- The terms Hand To Hand, Natural Top, Sliding Doors, Alemana and Fan are the names of figure of rumba dance.

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