Poems by Anasuya Priyadarshini Pradhan

Poems by Anasuya Priyadarshini Pradhan
The day when death kissed him,
The world seemed gloomy,
It rained constantly outside,
Making everything blurred.
The ‘rain’ was nothing but,
The tears in bled from my eyes.
The rushing, tearing, searing pain,
Tears, doldrums, the chocked throat,
Ache that threatens to crush my soul,
Everything was a hurtful memory.
My heart, my body are still on fire,
Crawling with the only need,
The need of HIM,
Pulling me inside the void,
Dragging me into the darkest shade.
Sometimes I wonder,
Although his breath has ceased,
Time and tide are still going on,
And the memories of him,
Are still alive in my love.
I know neither what ‘life’ is,
Nor do I know ‘death’,
But with him,
Everything was heaven,
And sans him, deadly hell it is!
COVID-19: The Pandemic!
The darkest hour is guarding the cosmos,
Hurriedly, intensely,
Being sunken with Corona viruses,
We are heading towards helplessness,
As if, the day and the night are chasing,
Both you and me.
And we are running hastily,
To save ourselves,
Each of us is quivering,
Fissuring within,
Feeling something unusual,
We are in awe,
We are in muzzy,
Everything seems blurred,
And we fail to discover,
What is happening?
Whether it is going to end or not,
Let’s join hands together,
Not to go out of our doors,
Unless it is need of the hour,
Let’s be self-quarantined,
Enjoy being solitarily confined,
With our loved ones and family.
It is not the loss of our liberty,
Rather “me time” with home-fraternity.
Let’s pause for a while,
Let our Mother nature breathe,
Let’s play with our kids,
And sit with our parents,
Let all of us be in a peace of mind,
Let’s enjoy home-cuisine with our Valentine.
Those who follow the guidelines,
Perks are already vivid,
Air seems fresher to them,
Roads seem tranquil,
The only audible noise is chirping of birds,
And chattering of squirrels,
As if the Mother nature is at peace!
Corona virus has taught us,
Nothing is permanent,
Neither power, nor money,
Neither age nor degrees,
Neither beauty, nor accessories,
Neither you nor me,
Let’s be humane this time,
To fight against this pandemic!

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