Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
Odds may even out and shed the cloud of anxious downpour
It’s then time to raise a song of sunshine and rainbows like birds at dawn.
Life has one guarantee no insurance pays the living.
It’s the silence of limbs and rigid stature.
So while drum fleets and flips of the heart beat wrestle, be wise to sip the beauty of this time,
And plenty is pretty as only nature knows how to serve.
Heavy feather brush, light leather crushing boots
Flirting with fat darts of smoky farts on the dawn of a day,
Bitter buys a tongue lash with sweet sins rich pickings
Thrills tilling the land of scare borders and cosseted closets,
To know is never enough if knowledge is corked in a jar
To see is dead actions if emotions don’t stir actions
While elusive lay the realms of beyond the starry enclaves of mystery
Personal yearnings and desires make for the compass of what another too needs,
Ignorance as they say is no defence but for a political goon facing a camera
And a priest preaching boys into maidens blessed with scars.
We are judged twice harshly by our dying conscience before turning into stony effigies where shame and acrimony begets Oscar neons.
Redemption is personal just as validation.
From personal, the universe begins to heal its parts.
To a fault, we are at fault,
We sold a dry dream to a live seed,
Demanding actions without deeds to teach
Preaching water while drowning in wine
Teaching textbook schemes of gainful employment
Against values of self preservation and empathy.
When chickens rush home to roost, what a blast of vile accusations
Against the future our children loaned to us and which we squander with abandon.
Enriching illegality and escapism for the price of lostness.
Museum vaults must suffice for storage of the nasty unforgivable,
While inheritors of wickedness chew curd with front entitled teeth,
The lesser of the minions fasting around insurmountable terrains,
Must stay focused on basics and hope for a better turn,
Each chosing how to navigate the moment,
For a tomorrow less corrosive than yesterday.

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