Poems by Wendy Mary Lister

Poems by Wendy Mary Lister
Another Summer—
Every leaf is anticipating;
absent without light.
It’s a hollow day, connecting city air,
aromas splitting nostrils.
A bitter taste leaves the lips,
humidity against the skin;
The sky pulling me in,
sounds easing evening
And I wear it like an old frock;
my spirit sulking,
until the pulse picks up the blue sky
stretching above the roof tops.
Sun rays percolating, wetting-
joyful eyes
Her Holy Fragrance Held—
Burdened air, rearranged ancient light.
Clouding a shadow over the silent tongues
of onlookers.
Tears toppled prayers,
drowning flames,
dismembering centuries:
Theories began to bloom.
A huge gap evolved in hearts,
in the heart of a city, with centuries of
bloodied past—
                                         But, not her

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