EGYPT … THIRSTY, YET IMMORTAL (The Ethiopian dam’s scandal and the world silence) / Poem by George Onsy

Poem by George Onsy
The Ethiopian dam’s scandal and the world silence
O world mortal!
How have you forgotten
What you learned
About immortality
From this Land of Pyramids
That point up there
To your sky of Eternity?
Yes, Egypt could be thirsty
Yet, she continues to teach all
How to stop dying … how to live.
O world infernal!
On your globe bloody wounds
Of persecutions and genocides
Are getting far more than
The waves of your seas and lakes
Why do you stay silent
Watching that who, at any price,
Just takes and takes, while …
Egypt who could be thirsty
Will always give.
O world suicidal!
Wake up! before it’ll be too late
Stop those who’re destroying
Your peace!
Stop those who’re staining
Your environment,
Building damned dams to block
The historic flow of fraternity!
Stop those dark great powers
Who, running after their ambitions,
Take sides, without honor nor dignity,
Against this land that our ancestors
Named ‘Ta-Mri’: THE LAND OF LOVE
Remember, Egypt could be thirsty,
Yet, she will never curse
Because, victorious with her great love,
She will always forgive.

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