Poems by Dr. Jernail Singh ANNAND

Poems by Dr. Jernail Singh ANNAND
Consciousness is a flow of memories
Connected by association
Our mind is visited by hordes of past events
And influences our mood and capavity
To work it out in the present.
What we do today is incumbent
As much on what has been
As on what is going to be.
Our past another name for memory
Hangs heavy on our present.
Both together determine our fate
Our future faith
Because time whether past
Or present or even future
Is a constant flow of association.
Man can never forget or obliterate his past
Except when he loses his memory
A kite which is torn from the twine
Still has memories
Of its origin, and a decent flight up and down.
Who will certify that
I am a human being?
We need God’s stamp
And his signatures.
When I said
I belong to this nation or that
The keen inquisitor
Questioned my identity.
I showed him my skin,
And spoke in my native language,
Shared with him
My ideas of good and evil
And took him to the religious place
Where i worshipped God.
Don’t befool me, he quipped.
Don’t show me your dress
Don’t read from the scriptures
Which are meant for others;
I don’t believe you.
Godliness is a mask
In reality, you hoard Devil, in bulk.
You are a cold storage for evil.
Foul is your conduct,
False your professions of goodness.
Nations, races, colours, creeds,
This is not your identity.
Throw away these clothes
Get naked and then tell me, who you are.

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