Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay (India)

Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay
That spring morning in Brussels
When plunged in sullen mood
The Sun sprayed its radiance like gold.
Day of promise and rejoice ensued.
The Grand Place known for its aesthetic wealth
Stood there dazzling! On earth, one the most beautiful places!
Just behind at the Grote Markt , agog with tourist
All bright, jaunty faces laced with mirth purest!
I walked down through the cobbled street
Where riots of colours seemed to greet,
Happiness that morning had descended
Wearing a glittering crown!
To offer elysian delight to the
Marvellous Belgian town!
Munching into a packet of French fries;
I took my seat in a corner bench to watch.
Behind me the weekly Marche displayed the local craft;
An array of striking mesmeric art!
Just in front a Romanian artist, a painter refine!
Was spraying paints on blank sheets
whipping up colourful images so fine!
A tall fair girl crooned away, a melody so enthralling
A mystical rhapsody infused the air, I could hear my love’s calling!
The giggles of the younger girls as they thronged in front of Desigaul.
The waft of the Belgium hot chocolate
Suffused the air and made my heart twirl!
The sadness that had crept within;
The forlorn heart replete with vibrant scenes,
Waltzed and felt like a glorious queen!
Euphoria crept in and flooded with hopes
The heart no longer for happiness groped!
That banana waffle topped with cream
Some heavenly feel a joy supreme!
Some places on earth are heavenly bliss
They revive the bruised heart with a pleasurable kiss
That sunbathed morning was such a kind
A heaven on earth inundated with
cheerfulness divine!
The star draped dazzling sky
The glowing moon perched high
Its Gumusservi on the placid lake
The balmy zephyrs rustling tune made!
The scent of autumn blossoms wafted
A ruse for a passionate date!
On that star adorned eve
When the dewdrops
Played music on the
Fragrant jasmine leaves!
Love caressed the silken creases,
The heart yearned for that first kiss!
The Forgotten Parcel
He left with all things packed
The last of his handkerchief
His lighter and the half
Full cigarette pack!
She’d rummaged through the wardrobe
Ensured nothing was left!
Her nutty heart thought
Nothing that belonged to him she’d kept!
It was all over and done
She could happily move on
Now when she sits beside
The fireplace with her book
Or at dawn when on the
Tree top perches the rook
Echoes of the past
Emit mournful squall
They appear before her
Crumble and fall!
Was something left behind
Something she didn’t pack
Slipped out of her mind!
She couldn’t remember however
Her silly brain she racked!
Oh, only the kisses and that touch!
The lost love the heart tries to clutch!
If she could warp neatly and send;
Wud all her miseries finally end?
Those leisurely evenings
Before the nightfall
Beside the glistening river
Where the cuckoo called
Under the shade of the pepal tree
Sitting and plucking blades of grass
At times munching one,
We would chat and laugh,
Loved flashed!
Snuggling, I would hold your hand
Hide my face in your chest
As the fading sun would colour
The firmament’s blue breast!
The zephyr zapping music made
Quondam tales of lost love said
Your head on my lap
Cafune I would, pull your cheeks
Humming a tune; the birds as returning
Their wings flapped!
The horizon tangerine streaked
In a jiffy the marriage of day and night
The faint moon in sight;
A love tale weaved.
Years later, the river beside
Young couples sit where the grass reside
The papal tree echoes loud
As the queen of dark serenades
To scatter light; I let the bygone revive
As moonbeams with the river play
All but memories survive!
The blushing twilight coyly smiled
Her tangerine hue turning carmine!
She must depart for the moon to rise
But before she leaves that adieu kiss
She must plant on her lover’s lips.
Her flirtatious lover: a playboy pure
Now smitten by her but for sure
As soon as Diana embellishes the sky
Desperately he would swell high
Try in vain to hug her and hold
Come daytime, he would alter his role!
With the sunbeams philanders and teases
Till the ray to sparkle ceases!
Nonetheless she loves him to the core,
Before departure in her bosom, she adores;
Bends down to soak him in her hue;
He snuggles in her embrace,
The sea, her fleeting, flirtatious beau!

2 thoughts on “Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay (India)

  1. Vivid visualization, lucid storytelling in form of delicate poetry…something that I always thought was a vanishing art. Kudos to the poet.

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