Defense of poetry: Language and all her sensitivities / Hannie Rouweler

Hannie Rouweler
Defense of poetry:
Language and all her sensitivities
The language is the most important means of communication between people besides body language and gestures, through which we can listen to others and understand them. Even if the native language differs from what the other person speaks.
So much can be said about language and all the complicated inflections and times.
Poets use the language differently and give it a special dimension. Poetry does so mainly because it disrupts the reader or listener, or because it deviates from the usual.
Poetry is the mother of all literature. In fact, also from other artistic expressions, for example in painting often is spoken of ‘visual language’, so again a reference to language.
In present time, whereas everything seems to be focused on efficiency, speed, fast communication, the fleeting passing of things, news reports, even weather reports, there is less attention for poetry. Only few people read poems, let alone buy a poetry book. Still, poets should not mourn about that, or be worried about it, and accept this passively. There is no alternative. lt doesn’t say anything about the meaning and importance, because it is there for sure. How many times it turns out that someone is gripped by a poem at a certain moment? Often that is something sad if one needs a poem, because ordinary words no longer help and a poem offers that, filling up that void.
Poets have no reason to be dissatisfied. You have to be content with everything. After all, you have nothing to demand and desire because you write poems, not thrillers. In addition, they must realize that if something has been a victim or has been suppressed, it is the language itself. The language that is forbidden, the language that could not be spoken, the language that had to be abolished, the language that should not exist.

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