Sofia Skleida (Greece)

Sofia Skleida (Greece)
Sofia Skleida was born in Athens. She studied Filology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens where she obtained her BA,MA in Pedagogy, Ph.D in Comparative Pedagogy and a postdoctoral research certificate . She obtained a certification in the Braille language. Today she works as a teacher in the secondary education. She took part in conferences and published articles in the Greek and international scientific journals, in conference papers and chapters books. She was awarded for her participation in poetry and literary contests in Greece and abroad. Her poems have been translated into Italian, English, Spanish, Albanian , Romanian and Bangla,Her first poetic collection entitled Dream of Oasis (Thessaloniki, 2014), was translated and published in Italy in 2017 (won the second prize in an international competition in Milan). Her first Fairy tale entitled Geometrini was published in 2016 , her second with the title The Kingdom of Joy in 2018. Some of her published works are the following : Neologisms, Melismos , Ιn the Mediterranean, Poetic Reflections, Cappadocian theological references in handwritten verses, The teaching of classical languages in the Italian secondary education ,Poetic visions in Paintings, Didactic Trilogy: Body-Spirit-Soul, Educational Proposals, Cor ad Cor Loquitur , A Second Life , Α trip to the country of “the meeting” , Let there be light. She is a regular member at the Panhellenic Union of Writers and at the Association of Greek Writers.
I’m afraid
The impossible of the expected
the suddenly tragic
The possibility of the impossible
The unexpected desolation of our nature
I Touch
things you left behind while struggling to darn your perishable coat
To awaken the wonders of the world
To spread tentacles of compassionate thinking
I hope
in the vindication of incorporeal bodies …
“Lovely contemplation”
Orthodox times
Unorthodox challenges
Souls groan heavily in well-placed heartless bodies
The roles are well done
After all, they train in the vortex of everyday life
Their collars are collared
Where are you? I can’t see you
I address to you
To conceive the perfection of the cosmic optical illusion
Of the original passion that gave life to the dawn of the universe
Eternal unanswered questions
internal monologue expression
Since the potential interlocutor is still dance on the rope…
“The unseen day” *
Your resurrection, my Christ, is an eschatological verification
“Unseen light” of your holiness that shines in the purity and clarity of the soul
Continuously purifies the believer
embracing and penetrating the net
of the matter, space and time
It is given only to the chosen people,
to those who surrender their hearts to your love
my Sweet Lord,
as they consistently choose and walk “the narrow and crooked road” …
*Eternal life
Collection of poems , Μelismos, Eptalofos, Athens 2018

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