Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra
A secret river between my fingers
Winter embraced with the falling leaves
Wild mountain and fragrance of wild
Rivers of fugitive words roamed
My words have kissed your tears away
You explore the silence of the mountain
At the stroke of midnight, you bathe
The full moon in the night’s uterus
Strange wintry wind between my fingers
Night bird speaks through the darkness
We wait in the wintry full moon night
We shall go our separate ways
Between my fingers our memory
And the key of an empty home…
(C) Asoke Kumar Mitra, November,2021
A silent wordless evening
What shall we do with our memories?
The smell of unknown wildflower
Unknown dreams in our half-sleep night
Deep-sea and sunkissed beaches
Broken and untamed memory dancing
Our footprints on the cobblestone
Words pile up as wildflowers
That have turned to stone
The silence creeps up
The crescent moon smiles
In this untamed silent night
Moon closed its eyes in shame…
(C) Asoke Kumar Mitra, November,2021
Behind an orange hill, sunrise again
The gypsies entertaining in the savage desire
Clasped hands of prayers an inward quest
The pale brown mountain grass silent
Endless words in this end autumn
The stain of passion and madness in the wind
Wind tears the shadow of memories
Buried between your knees
It was raining, the last autumn rain
Our eyes remember the madness of the night
Night bird cries, rivulets in shadows
I raise my hands, I touch the rain-soaked lips…
(C) Asoke Kumar Mitra, November, 2021

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