Gulay Tahirli (Azerbaijan)

Gulay Tahirli (Azerbaijan)
Gulay Tahirli was born on July 29, 1999 in the village of Jahri, Babek region of Azerbaijan. He graduated from the bachelor’s department of the Faculty of Philology of Nakhchivan State University. He is currently studying for a master’s degree at the Faculty of Philology of Baku State University.
Gulay Tahirli started writing poetry at an early age. His poems are regularly published in many newspapers and magazines of the republic of Azerbaijan. His works have been translated into some languages.
Without opening its wings
People are flying with closed eyes.
The biggest steps are taken
when are still standing.
The heart of glasses is
From love not from glass.
The more you love
The more things you see.
Reunion of eyelashes removed
All throny wires
There is no border,
There is no limitn
All are reachable.
Grasped the hem of cloud
Travel drop by drop
Then I travel to Sun
I can float on my sweetheart`s cheek.
When I miss you
I put my hand on my heart
And feel you, God
I don`t know may be it is my bad
I clear all your obstacles, God!
From every moment of my life flow tears,
The spirit of hours and minutes is whimpering
As my breath through my body passes…
God! Did you run out of ink when it came to me?
Couldn’t you find anything but pain
To fill your pen?
Oh, I am used to making my hope
Fade in your window every day.
Never mind me, God!
I realized that I am just the way
To happy people, to beautiful day.
The first period of creativity is onerous,
But over time
A poet writes more beautiful poems.
The most beautiful buildings are the latest.
Look at an artist’s first paintings,
and then the ones later he paints…
You will do it, God!
Never mind me…
Time will pass,
The day will come,
You will create more beautiful people!
Painless, untroubled, happy people…
Then you forget everything…
The past …
The dead …
The dilapidated house you were raised
Slowly shed the leaves,
And is escaping from your dream
As never happen
Then you forget everything …
The color of night and day,
You have never caught
The harmony of this world …
And letters die in alphabet
Numbers fall down from calendar
Your birthday which was dyed the colour of gaps
Is vanishing from calendar as
other numbers…
Then you forget everything
And scream with fear
Seeing the terror in strongen`s eues in the mirror
Your eyelashes can`t union
Because tears may fall down
The statue which you are afraid for years
May wake up or fall out
You forget everthing
Who are your sibilings,
Who is your friend?
Who are you?
And who is the woman giving birth to you
Remembers what was left broken
You look at him as a third person
As you feel your neighbours pain
You feel yourself
You turned it off for a long time
The fire of your heart, your eyes
Then you forget everything
You forget
And you start to live.
Translated from Azerbaijani: Parvana

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