FLAG FLUTTERING / Poem by Delwar Hossain

Poem by Delwar Hossain
We didn’t caste eyes on how mothers’ pale face floating on the red tide of blood-river!
How repeated chirping of birds met sudden stoppage in anxiety !
We didn’t behold frail trust of random dried leaves struck by plop gusty wind.
We didn’t see rock in victory bearing shame of fiasco,
Skyful black clouds, dire fear and pains of sacrifice
Salute for those who snatched away victory
Shedding sweat, laying down lives
Dust of their feet got embraced with veneration
Ocean got furious at its own speed,
Country being dependent, flag fluttering widespread like the serene scurf of darling
We failed to meet triumph how desired golden crops upheld head irrigating blood- sweat
A country passes days by making every people not knowing as to victory weep in silence at dead of night.

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