Elham Hamedi (Iran)

Elham Hamedi (Iran)
Elham Hamedi was born in 1967 in Iran – Shiraz. She is a multimedia Artist , Poet and international curator, a permanent member of the Iranian Visual Arts Scientific Association, a master of arts research graduate of Yazd University and a bachelor of radiology from ShirazUniversity. She is a designer of the “Aghrabeh” literary and artistic magazine. Some of her paintings and installations have been inspired by the fragments of organs and their interactions with inanimate objects. In her paintings, she tries to make a connection between painting and medical topics related to the body. This intertextual relationship is associated with psychoanalytic topics and psychoanalysis is considered to be the link between the two areas of Hamedi ‘s education. she has held several solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad. Her collection of paintings have been reviewed by four Iranian critics in “Sokhan”,Cultural and Artistic Magazine Issue 34, 2018. Her works also have been reviewed by Rocco Zani an Italian critic in “WordNews” 2021. She is collaborating on Maurizio Esposito’s project at Dialogue magazine. Her artworks and poems have been published in some prestigious Italian magazines and websites. Like the international literary magazine FormaFluens and the literary magazine Frequenze Poetiche, Rivista20 gennaio-febbraio 2022, Art Magazine,UNICUM 2021 – THE Christmas Special Of New BOHEMIEN EDITIONS . One of her poem is published in book, Agenda Poetica 2022, By Bertoni Publications in Italy.
The no. 52 of the series “The Notebooks of the Anastasian Literary Circle” is dedicated to the Iranian poet Elham Hamedi.(ZAQBOOR Silloge di poesie, a cura di Giuseppe Vetromile).Hamedi is been selected at the Biennial of Contemporary Art of the Murgia-Italy 2021.
She is also one of the poets selected for participating in First International Iside IX Edition-Literary Arts.
Don’t cut my hand
My hand is alive
Don’t cut my hand!
My hand just stole a fiery heart through the cage of chest,
No imaginary flight
my hand
-Movable volume-
-Harmonious companion-
My hand speaks ‌
When we sit with humans
And relationship dialogues
That flow in us like the soft movement of fish lips
My hand is alive
Don’t cut my hand!
My hand slips like a boat
Maybe between whispers of paper
and withdraw next to a word
A word that has memorized me all
Exciting letters, which take me out of the water like a fish
And release in the water again
My hand is alive
Don’t cut my hand!
My hand is among the flowers, looking for golden wheat
Don’t cut my hand with a sickle
The sun is watching us
My hand is alive
And the fish of my being exchange my images
through my finger
Don’t cut my hand with your sharp words!
I can even hear the sound of my hand breathing
when it hugs the cold
Remove the corpses!
My eyes are still breathing
Remove the corpses from my face
The sun still reproduces the concept of day in my eyes
The moon passes between my eyebrows
And it captures a word
Between my lips
And begins a new interpretation of man
My eyes can still climb on the trunk of a tree
They make a piece of the sky belong to themselves
among leaves
Remove the corpses from my face
Words are suffocating
The trees walk
The trees walk at night
And will release shadows and lights into my heart
Without the sound of a broomstick breaking in the shadows
Without the sound of coughing leaves, it makes the space sick
The trees walk at night
And humans are mysteriously planted in footsteps of trees
Their heads bud in the dark
Without a red light stop them
Without the pedestrian lines putting their feet in the cage
The night walks recklessly inside me along the yellow line

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