DEVDOOT THE ANGEL – Poem by Sudhakar Gaidhani / Translated by VISHWAS VAIDYA from orginal Marathi Epic Poem

Sudhakar Gaidhani 
(An excerpt from canto-3)
These days both Gods and their devotees
are born in a disguise
and finally perish
as they enact the game of disguise
During a naming ceremony
hymns praising the art of disguise
are chanted
and even flowers are offered in disguise
on the thirteenth day 1 after a death
Under such circumstances
dear wily parrot
how can I take the risk of
sacrificing the disguise,
Can you answer my query,
dear learned fool?
Whole universe is in a disguise
for me also this disguise means everything
Even audiences, worship those
who are well versed in the art of the acting
a role perfectly
They prostrate before such an actor
respecting him as if he were the real lord Shiva
How does it matter
if the character of Lord Krishna played by an actor
is only an unreal depiction,
as the “Gopis” 1 from the audience
are absolutely real
The stage may enact
false naked beauty of Gopikas 2
the nude desires it evokes
from the audience
are a reality”!
“We are but blowing our own trumpet,
Let me make a move dear
master impersonator”
1 Thirteenth day: There is an intense period of mourning immediately following the cremation or burial service which lasts thirteen days. On the 13th day of mourning, it’s common for the grieving family to hold a ceremony where they perform rituals to help liberate the soul of the deceased for reincarnation.
2 Gopis — (singular Gopi) Gopi is a Sanskrit word originating from the word Gopa.(cowheards)
Here the phrase “Gopis in the audience” alludes to the female fans in the audience who adore both Lord Krishna as well as the actor playing the role of Lord Krishna
3 Gopika -The name Gopika (synonym of Gopi) is used more commonly to refer to the wives of Gopa of Braj. (a region in India on both sides of the river Yamuna river in Uttar Pradesh State).
Translated by VISHWAS VAIDYA from orginal Marathi Epic Poem
It is a packaged as a single poem of 555 pages, 5 cantos, 33,003 words and 9751 lines.

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