Poems by Susana Roberts

Poems by Susana Roberts
I love your name
from the first time
you mentioned me
you have no place no roots
you wandered
in the current of ages
you belongs to the sound of stars
eyes open like sun
arms so long that embrace
earth and sky at the same time
when a baby gives his first cry
miles and miles resounds
the miracle of life
cause and effect
from the centre of universe
goes and back
the reason your name
inspire me
to stay alive.
Love ‘tale
“everyday the beauty of love find the way to look beautiful” – Rumi
¡Oh love!
the breeze hit the door
a naive lamp lit on
into a dream
resting a book around my neck
told me a story.
Souls jumped into the ocean
free wings crossed the horizon.
¡Oh love!
break dawn is close
The wide door open
refresh the journey
a goodbye.
@Susana Roberts-23.1.2022

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